Friday, November 25, 2011


You are a peculiar people:

To the world, moving widdershins.

Your mind, and your heart, and your soul

Are attuned unto the heavens.
It is not the powerful that
Inherit the earth, but the meek.

The strong don’t survive alone, but

Bear infirmity of the weak.

The door opens because you knock,

And you shall find because you seek.

You shall have whatever you say,

Because you believe what you speak.

You have brought captive your thoughts, and

You have placed guards over your speech.

You exemplify what you say,

Putting to practice what you preach.

You are known by your love and by

Your kindness and every good deed:

The hungry are fed, the hurting

Are healed and the captive are freed.

To reach to the uttermost of the

Heavens, you drop down to your knees.

You do as God wills,

And not as you please.

Feed the Hungry

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