Thursday, August 29, 2019


God created the heavens and the earth.
The earth was formless, dark, and void at first,
But God had something else in mind.
So He created light to shine.
And He said, it was good.

God separated darkness from the light.
Light, He called day, and darkness, He called night.
Only He had authority
To give name and identity.
So, He did as He would.

God separated waters and made sky;
He gathered waters, then ground emerged dry.
He called waters, "sea," and ground, "land."
All was according to His plan.
And He said, it was good.

From the land, God called forth vegetation
With fruit and seed for multiplication,
Each bringing forth after its kind.
They did God's bidding as designed.
And He said, it was good.

God called forth sun, moon, and stars in the sky;
Stars being too numerous to quantify.
To them was assigned government,
As markers of time and portent.
And God said it was good.

God called forth creatures in the seas and sky,
Commanding them also to multiply.
According to their kind, they brought
Forth and obeyed just as they ought.
And God said it was good.

God called forth creatures to live on the land.
"Multiply! Reproduce!" was His command.
According to your kind, expand!
Fill the earth to every measure!
And they did fulfill his pleasure.
And God said it was good.

From the dust of the ground, God formed a man.
God breathed into him, and man's life began.
Of all God created, man was the best -
He was made in God's image and likeness.

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  1. Your writing is a gift from God that you share as a gift to us. It is good.


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