Monday, October 20, 2008

One Golden Coin Lost

The best love you ever had
Was worth every risk you made;
But then you took that love for granted
And lost it with one wayward gaze:
Drawn away by the praises of silly women,
Who had never smelt your malodorous breath,
Who had some inflated ideas
Of your wisdom and of your wealth.
But the one who knew you at your worse
And yet saw you at your best
Is the one you lost
While you were trying to hold on to the rest.
One golden coin is lost.
The question now is, “what will you do"?
Seek not an answer from any other;
To your own heart you must be true.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Same Words

The words he spoke
Had me smitten;
And that's no joke.

He had me strung along,
Until I heard him repeating
Like lyrics to a song,

Those same words to another.
Then I knew it was time to part
With my deceitful brother.

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