Thursday, December 23, 2010

A throne

A throne,
A manger,
A cross,
A throne.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


May Love's touch bring you healing.
May Love's caress make you whole.
May all those painful days you've been feeling
Become a faint memory your mind cannot hold.
May your vision of tomorrow be one of peace and joy, and may
That vision press and find it's way into today.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Let us fix the Problem

No one wants their benefits axed;

Yet, no one wants their pay checks taxed.

Everyone wants the problem solved,

But no one wants to be involved,

Especially to be the one to say

That things cannot remain this way:

That the elderly with the means will have to pay,

And elderly with jobs will have to stay

At work as long as their health remains.

This and more must be done to realize gains.

Ever expanding benefits to worker’s families will have to go.

One cannot reap where one did not sow.

And those retired but yet still wise

Must contribute to an elderly enterprise.

All the while, taxpayer’s investment in retirement

Cannot be spent otherwise by government.

Medical invoices must be reviewed

Before a single penny is spewed.

Costs for services must be defined.

There must be areas we draw the line.

The way things are going is taking a toll.

And taxpayer’s money - used to fill a sinkhole.

Every day stories of fraud are being told.

Theft is common and thieves are bold.

The Hippocratic Oath is used to steal

And too few auditors to reveal

The enormity of the plight,

Leaving taxpayers and the elderly both affright.

I know that something must be done.

So I speak to everyone

Hoping that someone will hear

And join me in this electioneer

To get this matter to the front of every taxpayer and legislator’s mind.

Perhaps then a solution we will find

That will not place our children in a bind

And risk their lost of the freedoms we now enjoy.

Making a better tomorrow for every girl and for every boy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

White Squirrel Prophecy

Wonder and amazement await as you turn this page of life.

Healing opens the gate for you to become a wife.

Ideals pursued shall now become manifest.

Time yields her fruit; patience has passed her test.

Enjoy every moment and the blessings that abound.

Summoned is the strength that was before unfound.

“Qualified and certified,” resounds your resume.

Unassailable you are found to your enemy’s dismay.

Identified are those with whom you should affiliate.

Rise to higher heights; from there you’ll write your slate.

Rattle every leaf and branch along your way.

Ease comes; you are readied; yea, and not alone.

Leap into the air with faith, for you shall find your home.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fat Cat


Think you've got the upper hand.
'Thing’s goin'
To your plan.

Lurkin' 'round without a care.
Sittin' there so laissez-faire.
So you sharpen up your claw
And take the time to - lick - your - paw.

I glanced you -
Out the corner of my eye.
Stay there on my porch in wait
And lie.

I flung open my porch door and released
My dog.
To give you chase and disturb your peace.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What we Believe

The belief that Joseph was dead
Filled his father, Jacob, with dread.
Though his fear be a false delusion,
Still his thoughts had a sad conclusion,
And his spirit was in distress,
And he found no peace and no rest.

The enemy will raise a lie
Hoping our faith will surely die.
His intent is only to deceive
For we act upon what we believe.

And though the truth be cloaked,
Our prayers, the Truth invoke,
And upon Him we make our stand,
Holding the unseen in our hand.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Draw a Line of Prayer

Draw a line of prayer about you.

Keep at bay all enemies hitherto,

Whether they be without or whether they be within,

Whether they be sin, devils or whether they be men.

Prayer is the weapon used to defend:

A call unto God, on whom you depend.

Build unto him an altar.

Call upon his name.

Take refuge in his presence.

Hide beneath his wing.

One Man

Moses sent Joshua

Into the valley to

Fight against Amalek.

While Moses, taking two

Servants, went up into

A mountaintop to pray.

As Moses lifted his

Arms toward heaven, his

Warriors all gained ground.

But as he wearied, he

Lower his arms and his

Warriors then lost ground.

His servants saw where the

Power to win was laid.

So they held Moses’

Arms high up in his stead.

A battle was fought in

A valley below but

On a mountaintop was

The victory won by

The prayers of just one man.

In Whole Armor

One pretends to have all sincerity,

But his heart is full of depravity.

The breastplate of righteousness he could not bear.

It was too heavy for him to wear.

Another seems to be a picture of piety.

And yet, his life is full of anxiety.

The helmet of salvation, he never put on.

And so, he lives his life forlorn.

A third boasts of his faith and is sure of salvation.

Yet the word of God is never his meditation.

The sword of the spirit is not in his hand.

No weapon of offense to secure his stand.

Another, the word of God he hears most diligently

And delves into it quite studiously.

And yet, his prayer closet as a witness would bear

That he was seldom or never found there.

If in one area a man is weak,

It leaves a door open for the enemy to sneak

Inside and destroy all that he has

So that nothing would prosper and nothing would last.

"Follow the Lord fully" is God's command.

Put on the whole armor that you may withstand

The wiles of the devil, his plots and his schemes,

And not be deceived by the illusions he brings.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Not at a discount.
It's free!
Don't need a coupon.
It's absolutely free!

The price for your life
In full has been paid.
The way to salvation
Has already been laid.

Now you can get something for nothing.
You like those terms, don't you?
And there's no
Small print to mislead you!

Free love, free joy, free peace!
No loss leaders here.
Come without hesitation.
There is nothing to fear.

No gimmick
Just to get you in the door
And empty your pockets
Once you're in the store.

Not just 90 days free.
Better than a lifetime guarantee.
You can have life eternally!
Come, just taste and see.

Act now,
Before it's too late.
Get your ticket
Into the pearly gate.

This is a limited time offer,
A once in a lifetime opportunity.
Better than any sweepstakes
Surpassing any lottery.

Just three simple steps
To enter in.
Turn from your wicked ways,
Repent of your sin.

And on the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ
Then open your heart and by faith

Sunday, September 5, 2010


(Meditations on Ps 91:2)

Oh Lord,

You are my refuge
In times of trouble.
Oh Lord,
I put my trust in you,
For you
Will not forsake me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What we do is a greater witness that what we say, but who we are is the greatest witness of all.


God's promises are filled with IF's:
IF you repent, IF you believe, IF you receive,
IF you hearken and obey.
IF is only two letters, but it is the hinge to the door.
God has done his part,
IF only we would do ours.

Came to the Visible

We came to the visible to find the invisible,
Into flesh to find spirit.
We were born that we may die;
And we die that we may live.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Darkness of Love

One day I awoke and could not see
On that day came upon me clarity.
The shadow of love came over me
And blinded my eyes to injury.
In the darkness, I could not distinguish your fault,
So in my heart, I held no aught.
In the darkness, no enemy could be found,
So I rested with friendship all around.
I hold to the darkness of love with all my might,
For in it I have discovered the light.

(reprinted from I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Love Makes the Difference

It's not that he won't hurt you;
It's that you will suffer long.
It's not that he won't hurt you;
It's that you won't seek your own.
It's not that he won't hurt you;
It's that you're not easy to provoke.
It's not that he won't hurt you;
It's that you won't break the yoke.
It's not that he won't hurt you;
It's that you will bear the pain.
It's not that he won't hurt you,
It's that you'll endure the rain and gale
All because your love won't fail.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Love is

Love is not a response to how another treats you, but a decision of how you will treat another.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Bright Light

I am a bright light
Shining in the night sky
Big and bold and beautiful.

Often admired
And by which many are inspired.
I am indeed honored in this place.

I know that I am a dull rock
Having no light of my own.
The light I give is what I have received from you.

I am pleased to be your reflection.
(Reprinted from I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

You keep me from Evil

(Meditations on 1 Chron. 4:10)

Oh God,
You are a blessing to me,
For your hand is upon me.
You keep me from evil
That my heart may not be grieved.

(Reprinted from I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Break Me

Break me that I may be fixed.
Prune me that I may grow
Stronger and bear more fruit.
Purge me that I may be clean.
Empty me that I may be filled.
Save me that I may die
To rise again to live forevermore.

(Reprinted from I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Pink, red, orange,
Green, black, blue,
Brown, yellow, turquoise.
Tell me, what's your hue?

You change your colors at will
To blend with your habitation,
Hoping not to be discovered,
For fear of your expiration.
Not seen, not heard.
Not one dissenting word.

Your effect is null.
And your life is dull
Because your life you sought to save,
Yet it has brought you to your grave,
And “Useless” is your epitaph.

Yet you came with purpose:
Destined for your life to make a change.
But you allowed Fear to grab a hold;
And the whole course of your life, He did rearrange
So you would never see the perfect will of God complete
And let your life be lived and ended in defeat.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soul of Mine

(Meditations on Ps. 62)
Soul of mine,
Wait only upon God; I tell you, Soul of mine:
For God is my salvation, my defense.
He alone's my refuge and my strength.
Soul of mine,
Wait only upon God; I tell you, Soul of mine:
For in Him is my glory and my hope.
All that I am, to Him I will devote.
And I shall not be moved!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday PAC MAN!

Up, down,
Left, right.
Trying to eat my cookies,
While also trying to fight.

My eyes on what I had to gain;
My thoughts on what I could lose,
And on which path that I should take,
Having so little time to choose.

This game demanded my concentration
And stirred within me anxiety.
If only my nimble fingers
Would provide more dexterity!

Many times I lost,
But I chose to play again;
Because there was and overcoming joy
Every time I'd win.

"Thank you for these lessons of life
You chose with us to share,"
Spoken in behalf of all of the lovers
Of Pac Man everywhere.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Wandered in the Wilderness

I wandered in the wilderness
In a solitary way.
I cried to the Lord, "Deliver me!"
He led me forth by the right way.
He led me to a city,
A city for me to dwell.
Thank God for his goodness,
For his wonderful work,
For a city for me to dwell.

He brought me out of darkness,
Out of the shadow of death.
He broke all of my bonds
And brought me here to rest.
He led me to a city,
A city for me to dwell.
Thank God for his goodness,
For his wonderful work,
For a city for me to dwell.

I cried to the Lord
And he heard me.
He sent his Word
To heal me.
Thank God for his goodness,
For his loving-kindness,
For a city for me to dwell.

(c) 2008 from I Do, by Doris Trueheart

Blood Upon the Sheet

With love in his eyes, Christ looked upon me
And called me to be his bride.
He knew my life had been full of sin,
Yet he refused to be denied.

He carried me into the marriage tent.
The Father waited outside
To recover the sheet that was upon the bed,
Then judgment He would decide.

Blood, He sought as evidence
Of my purity;
If none, eternal death for me
Was a surety.

Christ took a knife and pierced himself,
For me his blood was spent.
He gathered up his blood and then
To the Father He went.

The Father saw blood upon the sheet,
His wrath was satisfied.
Now I am called His daughter, and remain
Eternally Christ’s bride.

(reprinted from the book I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

He Whom You Obey

He whom you obey becomes your master
And you become his slave.
Your decision is quite serious.
Your decision is quite grave.

Your strength, his kingdom builds.
Your wealth, his coffers fills.
Your agreement, his goals do empower.
Your warfare, his enemies to devour.

There is but good and evil.
There is but life and death.
The choice you choose to make
Becomes your only test.

The consequences of your choice may be a blessing
Or may be a curse.
I pray you choose the better;
But you are free to choose the worse.

(Reprinted from Retrieved April 17, 2009 at 10:52pm.


Poneros, ponos, penes
Derivatives of one root.
Evil, pain, poverty
Branches of one shoot.
A sense of lack begets a sickness
That sin attempts to heal;
But deception can only be cured,
By the truth revealed.

(Reprinted from Retrieved April 17, 2009 at 10:54pm )

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Lack perceived is lack received.
It was the sin committed by Eve.
It is with faith, our God, we please
And HAVE what we say and believe.
Whether I am abased or I abound,
The Spirit of God, I have found
Dwells within me,
So I am content to simply be

A Sweet Perfume

(Meditations on Mark 14:3)

Stored upon a shelf, contained within these walls,
I sat undisturbed, untouched, safe, protected, yet unused.
You said that I was valuable, precious and most dear.
How could I know that what you spoke was true as I just lingered here?

Closed in and secure, I waited for the day
That I could be poured out and used in a special way.
I longed to share with others all that was within.
When would the day arrive? When would my work begin?

And then you took me from the shelf and broke my outer casing.
Then I spilled out, every drop. There would be no replacing.
Used this once and then no more.
Saved for this single purpose.

My love flowed, a healing balm; an odor filled the room.
It was a scent most pleasing; it was a sweet perfume.

(Reprinted from I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

All my Heart

All my heart is turned to you
And my eyes are fixed on you
And my arms take hold of you, Lord,
And my arms take hold of you.
(Reprinted from book, I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

I Build It

I give you my love as unto the Lord,
With all my heart and with all my soul.
I give you my trust,
Exposing my thoughts and my emotions.
I hold nothing back.
My heart is in your hand.
My love arises to the challenges it faces.
It fights to remain alive.
It fights to remain forever.
A memorial unto the Lord, I build it.
Stone by stone, I build it.
In the midst of battle, I build it.
In blood and tears, I build it.

(Reprinted from her book, I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fire Dances

Fire dances in your eyes when you look at me.
Your hand touches my soul.
Your prayers cross the distance to reach me.
We melt in each other’s embrace.
Your heart moans in my presence.
Our kisses linger for days.
You seek consolation.
Not because you cannot be in her arms
But because you cannot be in mine.
Will you hold the moon and dream of the sun?

To Be Free

Born under the open sky, the prairie was my home.
As far as the eye could see, I was free to roam.
I would graze upon the grass and run with the wind in my face.
I'd cross mountains, hills and valleys. I was a symbol of majestic grace.

Sinew, muscle and bone -
My body: taught and tone.
My long silken strands of hair blowing in the wind.
How could I know that my life was about to take a spin.

Another saw in me opportunity
To bring to him prosperity:
Images of a silk road
With me as a beast to carry his load.

My gallop - to speed up his transport to the place he desired to go.
My strength was to be exploited: his wagon I would tow.
My height - to give him a greater vantage point as he rode upon my back.
So I was corralled and broken, now living in his shack.

My body may be shackled into this captivity,
But my heart and spirit will always yearn to be free.

Decaying Heart

Fear, hatred, doubt:
Fruit of a decaying heart.
A stench fills the air,
Attracting flies to come and have their fill,
There to make their home and multiply
Until all is consumed.

Old Oak Tree

One solitary old oak tree
Has stood in the clearing for more than a century.
She once was magnificent and willowy,
Standing tall and broad with a thick canopy.
She was the queen of forestry
And the prize jewel of botany.
Now, all of her leaves are but history
With her great canopy just a memory
Captured and preserved by photography.

Most of her branches, she has now shed.
So people forsake her and call her lifeless and dead.
But she still stands and has weathered many a storm.
Now she is the support of fungiform
And home to woodpecker, squirrel and bee:
Still as life-giving as a younger tree.
One day she may fall to the earth
And her wood cut up to warm a hearth
But even dead - she still has worth.

Pull Petals from a Flower

I am not going to pull petals from a flower
To determine if you love me every day or every hour.
I won't be tossed to and fro by your instability.
So show me when you've come to know your heart's locality.

Don't be shocked if I'm not moved by your discovery;
Nor be dismayed if I'm not touched when you tell me suddenly that you love me.
If you cry wolf too many times, my ears become deaf to your plea;
And I will have to just wait and see what will come to be.

Trust that has been broken has to be built again.
It cannot be grounded on words spoken in the wind.
Since the words you've given have proved they have no substance,
My reaction is reserved to only your performance.

Then over time as your words match what you do,
I can again believe that what you say is true;
And only then can I engage my heart.
So until then, you play your role and do your part

To show me who you are and how you truly feel:
That you are not a boy playing games but a man who is for real.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Experience

Some light spectrum are visible to me;
While other light spectrum, I cannot see.
Sound is audible
Or inaudible;
Even what I can hear, I can tune in and I can tune out.
My paradigms control my understanding of what is all about.
My sight is limited to my perspective,
Even my hearing is most selective;
Therefore, my experience is likewise restrictive
Or expansive.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For an Ego Ideal

Limiting space -
A belt on an ever expanding waist.
She put on a garment so her life would be changed.
Organs in their place: the course of life rearranged.
Cincture the stomach. Decrease appetite.
The form of a goddess to be her delight.
Girding her core to achieve an ego ideal.
Banded by a tightly fitted garment to increase appeal
To the opposite sex and to build her own esteem.
The discomfort worth the reward, it would seem.

Loose 2 dress sizes in 10 minutes without diet or exercise

Sunday, April 4, 2010

You Walked Willingly

I said I would follow you
And I would have fought to the death for your defense,
But you would not fight.
You simply let them take you away.
You walked willingly into pain and agony,
Willingly into death.
This was not a walk I was able to take,
So I turned aside and did not go.
In the midst of the crowd, it was said I was your friend.
But I denied even knowing you.
Not once but thrice.

I knew death as something to be feared,
An enemy to be fought.
But you walked into his grips as though he were your friend.
But then you came again with victory in your hand,
Saying, “Death where is your sting?”
Now I know
Death was not something to be feared,
Not something to be fought
But something to be entered in.
Only then was he defeated.
Only then could I live again.
Without my fear, my fight, my flight,
Death has no power over me.

So now I seek not to save my life
So that my life I gain.
I run not from my trials.
Give me no gall to ease my pain.
It is through suffering I have fellowship
And walk with you again.
( Reprinted with permission from the book, I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indeterminate Growth

My body grew until it reached some predetermined height
then stopped,
And five foot two is all I got;
For my body came with boundaries in its genetic code,
And this short stature is now my abode.
But fish grow indeterminately;
And as long as they can feed plentifully,
Their size increases limitlessly.
Reminding me
That if upon God's word I feed,
My soul will then have the seed
To cause it to much abound
Without restraints to hold it down.
Just how far my soul will grow
Depends upon how much I sow
Into this ground.
And so I've found
The one hindrance to fulfilling my fullest capacity
Is only me.
So I get out of my own way
And allow faith to have its day
To push me out on the limb,
To overflow my cup's rim,
To explore a new frontier,
To live where there can be no fear,
To go to heights I've never known,
And then to look and see how much I've grown.
Then to smile and grow even more,
Knowing I was meant to soar.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

All My Praises

(Meditations on Ps. 150)

All my praises, songs and adoration,
They don’t do you justice, Lord.
All my praises, songs and adoration,
They just don’t do you justice, Lord!

Your name is holy.
Blessed are you.
Glorified, exalted,
And all honor due.

Words cannot express your splendor
Nor extol your love.
They don’t do you justice.
They just don’t do you justice, Lord.

All my praises, songs and adoration,
They don’t do you justice, Lord.
They just don’t do you justice, Lord.

Your name is Holy, Holy, Holy!

(Reprinted with permission from the book, I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

Fix Your Eyes on Christ

Fix your eyes on Christ.
Don't put your eyes on man,
For before God you alone shall stand.

(Repeat chorus)

You alone shall stand at the judgment seat.
You alone shall stand at the Father's feet.

(Repeat chorus twice)

For before God, you alone shall stand.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have You Given Me Enough?

One hand you gave to me
When I gave you two.
Some time you gave to me
And thought your job was through.

Am I to be satisfied with your offering,
When this is not what I asked of you?
Have you given me enough
Because men praise what you do?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Everything I Never Wanted

Everything I never wanted
Was everything I got.
Struggle, trial and turmoil,
That became my lot.
Through it all I found my God,
Who was my strength, my joy, my peace.
Everything I never wanted
Was everything I needed.

Reprinted with permission from I Do, by Doris Trueheart

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Set Foot

I set my foot upon the mountain.
I set my foot upon the sea,
Across desert sands and flowing fountain.
Claiming all as God's kingdom that passes beneath me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I was Meant to Fly

(Meditations on Isaiah 40: 29-31)

I did not learn to crawl, then walk, then run upon the ground;
As other mammals have, I've found.
My first time out the nest, I flew.
As I matured, my aviation skills also grew.
The heights of the heavens is my abode.
Upon thermal convection currents and updrafts, I rode.
Fiery trials and the storms of life are my gift,
Producing currents that always come to lift
Me higher and higher
And carry me faster and faster.
So through them, effortlessly I remained
Until my appointed destiny was obtained.
I glided with wings outstetched
For my life's purpose was already etched
In God's mind.
And so I swoop down upon the earth, for there I find
What he has prepared: food to eat, water to quench my thirst,
And a time of rest to gather my strength before again I burst
Into the sky;
For I was meant to fly.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


How long are you going to just sit in one place: Still, stagnant and refusing to even be ignited?
Is there anything that will get your engine revving? Surely, something must get you excited.
There is a whole world out there to see.
How can you find satisfaction resting beneath a tree?
You have no roots holding you to this ground.
Get up, get moving, go on into town!
Get into the hustle, the bustle, and into the traffic of life.
Enjoy all of its pleasure. Endure even its strife.

Sure, time and circumstance may cause you to rust,
But that is the very reason to just
Keep moving and grooving until your whole body falls apart and you can't move a single inch.
That's the only time to linger, the only time to flinch.
But don't stop now, when you've got so many miles ahead of you,
So much more to give and so much more to do.
Your clock is still ticking. Your time is not through.

Sure, it's not your first time off the lot; and you've had more than just a test drive:
You bear evidence of that. But baby, you've survived and you're still alive;
And for that,
I tip my hat.

I can see you now in a brand new coat,
Cruising down the street: heads will turn and gloat.
You've still got what it takes, but it is not enough for me to believe in you.
You must grab hold of a vision for your future and cling to faith in your heart too.
Only then can you see your hopes made manifest and your dreams finally coming true.

Put your pedal
To the mettle.
Let your tires spin and throw dirt in the air.
Don't let worries burden you: have not a care!
Anxiety won't add to your stature or blacken your hair.
Show me your backside as you get outta here!
I'll eat your dust and wave a fond farewell as you go,
For it will bring me satisfaction to know
That you're moving.


Your ancestor flew.
His home was in yonder blue.
He took to the sky with ease
And he roosted in the trees.
Yet you've made your home upon the ground
And to another you are bound.
He has pinned your wing,
Even modified your gene
Hoping that you and your progeny
Would have no thought to fly or flee.
Now relegated to a coop.
Oh, the shame of being duped.
Domesticated: no longer free!
Reserved, so that you will be
Meat for his consumption.
Yet, you do not need to buy-in to his deduction.
Today you are given opportunity
To decide who your master will be.
Will you live in bondage or in liberty?
Will you live a life abundantly?
Will you look up and see the sky
And dare to dream of flying high?

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Simple Matter

A butterfly flaps its wings;
A cyclone is formed.
A spark ignites;
A forest fire begins.
A molehill
Becomes a mountain;
A drop of water -
A waterfall.
A wayward thread
Becomes a cloth's unweaving;

A lie is told;
A life is taken.
A fissure starts
A Great Divide.
An inch given
Becomes a mile taken;
A toehold -
A place possessed.
A simple matter unattended
Becomes one's own demise.

With Much Gratitude

Thank you for this oblation.
But what was the cost?
Perhaps another's riches have been lost
Or another's favor delayed;
Yet into my hand you have made
It to fall.
I don't take this gift lightly at all.
Salvation comes at the price of a life.
Healing delivered on a back full of stripes.
The wealth of the unrighteous is left for the righteous to gain.
From one is taken, while to another is lain.
Blessings are so bittersweet:
A place where tears of joy and tears of sorrow do meet.


Wondering what in the world I could say about you.
Obviously, words can't opine your overflowing worth.
Magnificent are your monumental and magnanimous deeds.
Every mouth should eagerly express your praise.
Nevertheless, not needing gratitude, you unyieldingly continue nudging forward.

By Doris Trueheart, originally posted at

Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the Beginning

In the beginning God was.
Nothing preceded Him.

Time came into being to mark the start of his creation.
Heaven, then

Beasts of the field, fowls of the air, fish of the sea,
Every creature
Great and small,
In every realm of heaven and earth, all of the
Natural and supernatural universe, knows God as the source, as the
Indeed, the
Name of God is upon all creation for
God is its author.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


A sudden change in direction.
For; now against.
Once right; now wrong.
Old habits die hard,
But die they must;
If you want to survive - the curve.
Wreaths line the road as memorials
Of those who have recklessly made this approach.
Your road doesn’t continue dead ahead;
And if you don’t navigate this curve,
That’s what you’ll be;
Or worst, fall short of fulfilling your destiny.
Straight ahead, guardians block the way,
As guardrails, walls or stately trees
That do not yield to your trespass;
So turn you must -
And sharply.
So remain alert and aware
That the time for change has come.
It has been thrust upon you;
But has not taken you by surprise.
As sure as night is followed by sunrise,
You knew this time would come.
There were warning signs along the way for you to heed,
“Caution, change is coming.”
“Slow your speed.”
The direction you are headed
Won’t lead to your desired end.
Curve ahead!
Be prepared
To shift;
For now,
It’s your

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Water Springs Forth

My well ran dry.
The pipe too short to reach the water level,
Which over time had waned.
And so another pipe is pounded deep into the earth,
Until refreshing water springs forth to satisfy a thirsty soul
For many days to come.

Reprinted with permission from

Dear Giant

There is no weapon in my hand,
No sword or dagger,
No stave or blade.
I wear no armor as a shield.
Without defense, I come before you.
Destruction is my purpose.
I have no fear of your might,
For I come to defend the name of my God.
He goes before me
And he has ordained my victory.

Reprinted with permission from

Full Surrender

She was closed tightly during the long, dark, and cold season of the night,
But the sun did rise, and the joy of the morning did come,
Then slowly, in response to the light and warmth of love, she opened.
As each petal relaxed its grip in full surrender, the flower enlarged herself,
And released a fragrance that filled the air.

Reprinted with permission from

I Color My World

Your love is the paint on this artist's palette, the healing balm applied.
My love flows from the artist's heart.
With broad strokes I color my world.
Then with precision, each detail is meticulously laid.

Reprinted with permission from

I Choose

With my eyes, I choose what I see.
All may view things differently.
With my ears, I choose what I hear
And can tune in one voice in a crowd of people talking.
With my heart, I choose how I feel at any given moment.
With my mind, I choose what I think, remember or forget.
My choice affects the events of life, and yet
Regardless of the events of life, I still choose.

Reprinted with permission from

You hand them to me

I reach but cannot grasp.
Then you say, "Lil' shorty, let me get that for you."
Then with your long arms
You pull down those things I reached for
And hand them to me.
I struggle to lift or carry heavy things.
So you say to me, "Do not labor,
Go and rest.
Let me carry that for you."
Because of my weakness,
You exercise your strength
And your strength is perfected.
My needs, you supply.

Reprinted with permision from

Come My Little Jester

Come my little jester, come and bemuse me.
Come and eliminate the memories of my hurts in totality,
Even if just for a moment.
Avail me of your humor, for my heart needs to be elated.
I cannot fathom what I'd do without you.
The laughter that you stir within me
Does encircle my pain and transport it as a barge out into the sea
Of forgetfulness.
Healing is your essence.
And right now,
I need to be healed.
Reprinted with permission from

The Impregnable, Mr Fink

One step into the office, and then I know I've entered the Twilight Zone.
Keyboards clicking and walk clocks ticking an eerie monotonous drone.
Everyone has their face to the screen with spry fingers typing away.
Backs bent over and eyesight failing; hair is turning gray.
No time to waste, keep up the pace and make every message succinct.
Expunge every error, or you'll bear the terror of the perfidious, Mr. Fink.
Working for Fink is no easy task, but the source of emolument.
A raise, you say? Don't even ask; it's an uncommon and unknown event.
And forget all your hopes and dreams to maintain a salubrious state.
For you're chained to your desk at every moment without even the leeway to take
A stretch, or a bend, or a blink of the eye, not even a restroom break.
Mr. Fink has not a care to be amicable;
He's the impregnable,
Mr. Fink.


This is an anecdote and not a fable.
One day at a cafe, there at the table
Was an elderly gentleman wearing a fez with a feather.
So I said to him, "Sir, I do not know whether
My opinion would matter or not, but your hat looks quite prissy;
And I'm sorry to say, you look like a sissy!"
The gentleman laughed with a chortle and replied with a trill,
"My young lady, I see that you certainly will
Say exactly whatever is on your mind.
You are quite nervy, this I do find.
And I'm not sure that is an accolade.
But won't you sit down and share a glass of lemonade."
And so I did, and he continued to say,
"My job is quite cumbersome and provides so little pay.
I'm usually zonked by the end of the day.
My work is a tedious and arduous fag.
My boss is a rotter, an unbearable hag.
A maelstrom is the atmosphere there
So when I punch out, my fez, I do wear
As a means of escapism. It's my way to cope.
And so, my dear, I certainly hope
You will join me in giving a cheer
To the small pleasures we can find here."
So we lifted our glasses and gave them a clink on that day
And shouted, "Mabuhay! Mabuhay! Hip Hip Hooray!"


Dance with me, my lover.

As a zephyr blows through the leaves of the trees on a spring day,
Let us frolick together, wind and leaf at play.
Blow over my face. Caress my backside.
Upon your waves, I do gently glide.
Your rhythmic movements cause me to flutter with delight.
And so, I long to release and take flight.
Carry me away, my lover, to a place I've never known,
To heights of estacy found in your arms alone.
Reprinted with permission from

Rainbow's End

I met a woman walking along a road, where I had just been.
And so I stopped to tell her, "My dear, this road leads to a dead end.
The path is paved and beautifully landscaped at the entrance gate;
But soon becomes a dirt road filled with pot holes; sink holes lay in wait.
This road will devour all your resources and leave you with heartache.
Turn now and come with me lest all I've spoken will soon be your fate."
She looked at me in disgust. I was all bruised and tattered and worn.
What words could such an old woman give to one who was newly born!
She believed she had greater knowledge and had found the rainbow's end.
So on the road from which I had just escaped, she would now begin.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cop a Plea

When a poor black man goes to court, he is never seen again.
Whether innocent or guilty, this is the most common trend.
Too poor for a lawyer; a public attorney will defend,
With a caseload that's too heavy, there's no time to prep to win.

With threats of years of confinement, he presses to cop a plea;
Yet fails to advise his client, "A record will follow thee,
Hindering your opportunities for gainful employment,
Killing your spirit, and drying up your every enjoyment.

Making your life a living hell;
Confined or free, you're still in jail!"

Sunday, January 31, 2010

To See or Not to See

I think positively
And blind myself to the negativity
That exists in the world, choosing naivety
As my approach to maintain gaiety.

But can piety
Be my reality,
If my blindness inhibits my ability
To address the necessity
Of a people in diverse poverty?

If I am not a part of the remedy,
Then surely I contribute to the tragedy
That befalls society.
Eyes that see
Bring discovery
Of injury to my fellow man.

By seeing, is it not compulsory
That I partake in activity to bring him liberty,
Or at least attenuate his misery?
To do otherwise, would be contradictory
To my claim to love all men equally;
And my actions would become a mockery
Of my words, "I love you" pronounced so liberally.

This would leave only perjury
And hypocrisy
As my effigy.
Love affords no neutrality
In the face of cruelty.
Loves responds with empathy
And into action is led.
Because when the eyes of the heart are blind, the soul is dead.


Of all the events of my history,
Which should I store in my memory:
My failures or my victories?
My mistakes are remembered more easily,
Obscuring my success with its effigy:
Until the depiction of who I am is a poor imagery,
At least in my own mind.
So stop: let me rewind!
Should slothful times outweigh days of zealous activity?
Should periods of fervency be doused by seasons of frigidity?
Should moments of religious hypocrisy remove all hope of advancing my spirituality?
Is not righteousness a greater force than iniquity?
I shall use my obedience to bring my disobedience injury,
Remembering when I walked before God in truth and loyalty,
Applying God's obliterating and liberating amnesty.
My sins, mistakes and errors are now nihility.
My good stands alone; none other can be found:
Goodness in the back and even in the foreground.
So translucent I have become that even my form no shadow makes.
Now I am ready for the future that my soul creates.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Can Never Return

While you were away,
The wind eroded the mountain,
The river cut a path through the rock,
And a tree - fell.

While you were away, time caused every creature to age,
Knowledge increased, and life brought us to a different stage.
Although you can "remember when,"
You can never return to the place you have been.


I am
Growing exponentially,
My spirit elevating into realms beyond the natural:
Experiencing signs, wonders, and miracles as commonly as every breath inhaled and exhaled and every heartbeat.

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