Saturday, January 24, 2015


To eat more than you need
Is a symptom of greed.
That beyond what you'll use
Is that which will abuse.
It will turn rancid, putrid and mortify
And be the one thing that can cause you to die.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


You have come to earth for one purpose: to meliorate,
To be moved with compassion for man’s condition and to storm hell’s gate.
The pain and suffering of mankind, you’ve come to alleviate.
Oppression and exploitation, you’ve come to denunciate.
Before God formed you in your mother’s womb, of you, He did forespeak.
He placed within you all you need to help the poor and the weak. 

My child, your presence was preordained, and not a mistake. 
You are not confined by the status quo, but it, you have come to break.
Your rod cast down before rulers turns into a snake,
And those that dare to oppose it, it shall overtake.
Your actions shall cause the earth to quiver and the foundations to quake.
Seas shall overtake the land and leave destruction in their wake.

All of this earth and all creatures within, yes, God did create;
But in your hands He placed this creation with its future for you to make.
So do not let a single moment go by in which you do not take
The opportunity to expand His kingdom, raise His banner and plant His stake.
The earth is moaning, groaning and longing for the change you shall initiate.
But change is seldom welcome and men won’t appreciate
The tenets that you bring.
They will despise the songs of freedom from oppression that you sing.
And yet, sing you must!
For this is the very thing that will make this world just,
And bring peace and goodwill to all that inhabit here,
And elevate our hearts and minds to a higher sphere.

Monday, January 12, 2015


She sang a song and sung it sensuously,
Stirring our senses and spurring our spirits spontaneously
To ascertain a resplendent sunrise set in the morning's sky
Ablaze with glorious colors.
Streaks of sunshine pierce the clouds
And saturates them with serendipitous hue.
Light falls below as silver droplets.
Birds arise from slumber signing praises.
They spread their wings and ascend to the sky.
The ocean wears a sequin gown that shimmers and sparkles.
It dances and sends waves splashing across a secluded spot of shoreline
Displaying two lovers shamelessly caressing and kissing
And subsisting in bliss.

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