Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fire of Passion

Your love saw me in bondage.
Your strength moved to set me free.
You led me into a desert,
Even into a wilderness.
And there at the mountain,
You spoke out of the fire of passion in your heart.
Your voice was as the sound of thunder.
It caused the earth to tremble,
And all the heavens to lend their gaze.
There you spoke to the universe
And declared before a cloud of witnesses
That I
Was yours.
You became my love, my Lord, and my God.
There can never be another.
You alone are the object of my reverence
And the focus of my worship.
None can contain your image.
So I declared that you
Are mine.
Then your glory shown round about me
And your love consumed me.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Cup In the Master's Hand

I am a cup in the Master's gentle hand.
He formed and made me according to His plan.
And I held all that He poured into me.

Then He took me up
And He did sup
From the cup in the Master's hand.
From the cup in the Master's hand!

And oh the joy that filled my soul;
For in His hand, He did hold

Then He pressed His lips against my rim.
Just to know that I am pleasing Him: pleasing - Him!
I am a cup in the Master's gentle hand.

 (Reprinted with permission from I Do: Becoming the Wife of God, http://www.amazon.com/I-Do-Becoming-wife-God/dp/1453770712/)


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Did you Build an Altar?

When was the first time in your life that God intervened?

Did you place there a landmark to remember the scene?

Did you build there an altar to commemorate the place

To remember God’s goodness, his favor and grace?

Can you recall the details and retell the story

Of how God to you manifested His glory?

Can you retell your story to generations to come

And give to them a foundation for them to build upon?

So they can know of how good God was to you

And rest assured He would be there for them too?

Lest the cares of this world cause us to quickly to forget

All the times God has delivered and all of the needs He has met.

Consider This

Why are you here with me?
Tarsus is not your destiny.
I know you have a ticket,
But let me be explicit,
Is this the way God told you to come?

If not, you only bring harm to everyone
On board and cargo too.
The ship itself will break in two,
For you must be free to accomplish what God told you
To do.

If not, the winds shall come and frustrate us,
The waves will come crash in on us
And weigh us down.
If not by the grace of God alone, we would all drown,
For we are impotent to forbear.

Surely, you are aware
Of how if you walk in disobedience among us, the harm to us it brings.
Surely, you would not want to bring to us the curse of many things.
Consider us in the choice you make and don't just consider you.
Because the blessing or cursing you bring on your life will affect us too.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Power of the Resurrection

To move, to flow

To change, to grow,

I have come to know

The power of the resurrection

While even in the body.

At Shechem

I took a journey down a road,
Not knowing where I was going,
Not knowing how far it would be.
Just knowing where I was seeking  
Wasn’t where I'd been, neither where I was.

I had to keep moving forward,
No matter how long it might take.
God was leading me to purpose
And guiding me to destiny,
To a place where I could give birth
To all that would come after me.

Unknown the days I had journeyed,
Or how many miles I had walked.
Knowing only I was weary,
My clothes were filthy, and my soul 
Languished in hunger and in thirst.
With my God I needed to talk.
I needed rest, cleansing, and food.

I had gone as far as Shechem.
There, I needed to take a pause.
There, I stopped and built an altar.
There, I prayed and pleaded my cause.
In the midst of a sin-filled world,
Burdened by my sin-laden past,
I struggled to garner the strength
That would enable me to last.
There, the weight fell from my shoulder.
There, I took the load off my back.
There, I found food and water and
Time to rest, which I had so lacked.
At Shechem, I reached a crossroad.
And there I was thrust to decide.
Do I return to Ur with the comfort of family,
Or go down to Egypt on a highway open and wide.
Or do I dare continue onward to a Promised Land?
Is my faith in what God has said
Strong enough to carry me through 
The valley where my very soul 
Is exposed and vulnerable. 
As I face my enemy, am 
I confident God has my back?
At that altar, I cried aloud,
Then awaited to hear God’s voice.
It was after I heard from him,
I decidedly made my choice.
God said to me, “I’ll bear your load,
Take your sorrow. 
I’ll heal your pain,
Forge a path for your tomorrow.
I will make a clearing through the thickets of the forest.
I shall be your shelter, your strong tower and your fortress.
I am your refuge. In me, you can trust.
I am your Lord: Holy, Righteous, and Just.
I am your God; you are my friend.
Here at the altar of Shechem, 
We meet and begin.”
That day, I chose to serve God,
And not just me alone,
But every flesh of my flesh
And every bone of my bone
Throughout all generations
Unto eternity.
Me and my household, 
God's servants shall be.
Only He will we serve,
And give our devotion.
I called, and He answered.
Now we are His chosen.

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