Tuesday, September 20, 2011


You call me up on the telephone
And express how you feel so alone.
You are a sail furled to a spar.
Your ankles, fettered to a bar.

You have sacred vows that obligate.
To circumstance, you orientate.
You have now come to accept your fate.
Into a corner you relegate.

As a hermit hiding in a cave,
Unto darkness you are now enslaved.
All within you, you gave.
Now you feel so depraved.

You have been so mistreated.
Now you feel so defeated.
You are tethered with a rope,
And tomorrow brings no hope.

You say you don’t like being there:
Strapped into an electric chair.
Your home is like a jail cell block.
Door, secured with a big pad lock.

Your feet, cased in a cement block.
Into the sea, your body’s dropped.
You’ve made your bed, now it is your grave.
Your heart, pierced through by a wooden stave.

I say, “Get up, walk out the door!”
Yet you remain to “suffer” more.
You are deceived, I have found.
Truly, nothing has you bound.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Down to the Core

I wipe my bare foot on the welcome carpet on your floor,

And let your nose sniff at my open door

The aromas coming from my kitchen.

Hot apple pies are in the oven.

And it’s got your mouth waterin’.

But my attention has been caught

On the delight you have brought:

A candied apple!

A candied apple!

A candied apple!

I have to delay your visit just at my door,

While I fill my tummy with the treat you have in store.

I wipe my foot and hold the stick

And take a lick

And take a lick.

Candy melts and slides down my throat.

Let me revel, let me gloat.

Just stay still, ‘til I am done,

‘Til I am done;

And I’ve just begun.

Let me linger for a while.

I am just a gastrophile.

No, you can’t go in as yet.

I’ve just mopped; the floor is wet.

I wipe my foot on your carpet.

You can have mom’s apple pies,

When your sweetness salifies.

I wipe my foot at your door

And excite your hungering for more.

So let me eat down to the core.

Down to the core.

Down to the core.


Mind, emotions, spirit
Are not contained within
But are even expressive without,
Reaching beyond where hands can reach,
Venturing to places beyond where body goes,
Seeing what is and what potentially can be.

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