Sunday, January 31, 2010

To See or Not to See

I think positively
And blind myself to the negativity
That exists in the world, choosing naivety
As my approach to maintain gaiety.

But can piety
Be my reality,
If my blindness inhibits my ability
To address the necessity
Of a people in diverse poverty?

If I am not a part of the remedy,
Then surely I contribute to the tragedy
That befalls society.
Eyes that see
Bring discovery
Of injury to my fellow man.

By seeing, is it not compulsory
That I partake in activity to bring him liberty,
Or at least attenuate his misery?
To do otherwise, would be contradictory
To my claim to love all men equally;
And my actions would become a mockery
Of my words, "I love you" pronounced so liberally.

This would leave only perjury
And hypocrisy
As my effigy.
Love affords no neutrality
In the face of cruelty.
Loves responds with empathy
And into action is led.
Because when the eyes of the heart are blind, the soul is dead.


Of all the events of my history,
Which should I store in my memory:
My failures or my victories?
My mistakes are remembered more easily,
Obscuring my success with its effigy:
Until the depiction of who I am is a poor imagery,
At least in my own mind.
So stop: let me rewind!
Should slothful times outweigh days of zealous activity?
Should periods of fervency be doused by seasons of frigidity?
Should moments of religious hypocrisy remove all hope of advancing my spirituality?
Is not righteousness a greater force than iniquity?
I shall use my obedience to bring my disobedience injury,
Remembering when I walked before God in truth and loyalty,
Applying God's obliterating and liberating amnesty.
My sins, mistakes and errors are now nihility.
My good stands alone; none other can be found:
Goodness in the back and even in the foreground.
So translucent I have become that even my form no shadow makes.
Now I am ready for the future that my soul creates.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Can Never Return

While you were away,
The wind eroded the mountain,
The river cut a path through the rock,
And a tree - fell.

While you were away, time caused every creature to age,
Knowledge increased, and life brought us to a different stage.
Although you can "remember when,"
You can never return to the place you have been.


I am
Growing exponentially,
My spirit elevating into realms beyond the natural:
Experiencing signs, wonders, and miracles as commonly as every breath inhaled and exhaled and every heartbeat.

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