Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have You Given Me Enough?

One hand you gave to me
When I gave you two.
Some time you gave to me
And thought your job was through.

Am I to be satisfied with your offering,
When this is not what I asked of you?
Have you given me enough
Because men praise what you do?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Everything I Never Wanted

Everything I never wanted
Was everything I got.
Struggle, trial and turmoil,
That became my lot.
Through it all I found my God,
Who was my strength, my joy, my peace.
Everything I never wanted
Was everything I needed.

Reprinted with permission from I Do, by Doris Trueheart

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Set Foot

I set my foot upon the mountain.
I set my foot upon the sea,
Across desert sands and flowing fountain.
Claiming all as God's kingdom that passes beneath me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I was Meant to Fly

(Meditations on Isaiah 40: 29-31)

I did not learn to crawl, then walk, then run upon the ground;
As other mammals have, I've found.
My first time out the nest, I flew.
As I matured, my aviation skills also grew.
The heights of the heavens is my abode.
Upon thermal convection currents and updrafts, I rode.
Fiery trials and the storms of life are my gift,
Producing currents that always come to lift
Me higher and higher
And carry me faster and faster.
So through them, effortlessly I remained
Until my appointed destiny was obtained.
I glided with wings outstetched
For my life's purpose was already etched
In God's mind.
And so I swoop down upon the earth, for there I find
What he has prepared: food to eat, water to quench my thirst,
And a time of rest to gather my strength before again I burst
Into the sky;
For I was meant to fly.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


How long are you going to just sit in one place: Still, stagnant and refusing to even be ignited?
Is there anything that will get your engine revving? Surely, something must get you excited.
There is a whole world out there to see.
How can you find satisfaction resting beneath a tree?
You have no roots holding you to this ground.
Get up, get moving, go on into town!
Get into the hustle, the bustle, and into the traffic of life.
Enjoy all of its pleasure. Endure even its strife.

Sure, time and circumstance may cause you to rust,
But that is the very reason to just
Keep moving and grooving until your whole body falls apart and you can't move a single inch.
That's the only time to linger, the only time to flinch.
But don't stop now, when you've got so many miles ahead of you,
So much more to give and so much more to do.
Your clock is still ticking. Your time is not through.

Sure, it's not your first time off the lot; and you've had more than just a test drive:
You bear evidence of that. But baby, you've survived and you're still alive;
And for that,
I tip my hat.

I can see you now in a brand new coat,
Cruising down the street: heads will turn and gloat.
You've still got what it takes, but it is not enough for me to believe in you.
You must grab hold of a vision for your future and cling to faith in your heart too.
Only then can you see your hopes made manifest and your dreams finally coming true.

Put your pedal
To the mettle.
Let your tires spin and throw dirt in the air.
Don't let worries burden you: have not a care!
Anxiety won't add to your stature or blacken your hair.
Show me your backside as you get outta here!
I'll eat your dust and wave a fond farewell as you go,
For it will bring me satisfaction to know
That you're moving.


Your ancestor flew.
His home was in yonder blue.
He took to the sky with ease
And he roosted in the trees.
Yet you've made your home upon the ground
And to another you are bound.
He has pinned your wing,
Even modified your gene
Hoping that you and your progeny
Would have no thought to fly or flee.
Now relegated to a coop.
Oh, the shame of being duped.
Domesticated: no longer free!
Reserved, so that you will be
Meat for his consumption.
Yet, you do not need to buy-in to his deduction.
Today you are given opportunity
To decide who your master will be.
Will you live in bondage or in liberty?
Will you live a life abundantly?
Will you look up and see the sky
And dare to dream of flying high?

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Simple Matter

A butterfly flaps its wings;
A cyclone is formed.
A spark ignites;
A forest fire begins.
A molehill
Becomes a mountain;
A drop of water -
A waterfall.
A wayward thread
Becomes a cloth's unweaving;

A lie is told;
A life is taken.
A fissure starts
A Great Divide.
An inch given
Becomes a mile taken;
A toehold -
A place possessed.
A simple matter unattended
Becomes one's own demise.

With Much Gratitude

Thank you for this oblation.
But what was the cost?
Perhaps another's riches have been lost
Or another's favor delayed;
Yet into my hand you have made
It to fall.
I don't take this gift lightly at all.
Salvation comes at the price of a life.
Healing delivered on a back full of stripes.
The wealth of the unrighteous is left for the righteous to gain.
From one is taken, while to another is lain.
Blessings are so bittersweet:
A place where tears of joy and tears of sorrow do meet.


Wondering what in the world I could say about you.
Obviously, words can't opine your overflowing worth.
Magnificent are your monumental and magnanimous deeds.
Every mouth should eagerly express your praise.
Nevertheless, not needing gratitude, you unyieldingly continue nudging forward.

By Doris Trueheart, originally posted at

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