Monday, November 29, 2010

Let us fix the Problem

No one wants their benefits axed;

Yet, no one wants their pay checks taxed.

Everyone wants the problem solved,

But no one wants to be involved,

Especially to be the one to say

That things cannot remain this way:

That the elderly with the means will have to pay,

And elderly with jobs will have to stay

At work as long as their health remains.

This and more must be done to realize gains.

Ever expanding benefits to worker’s families will have to go.

One cannot reap where one did not sow.

And those retired but yet still wise

Must contribute to an elderly enterprise.

All the while, taxpayer’s investment in retirement

Cannot be spent otherwise by government.

Medical invoices must be reviewed

Before a single penny is spewed.

Costs for services must be defined.

There must be areas we draw the line.

The way things are going is taking a toll.

And taxpayer’s money - used to fill a sinkhole.

Every day stories of fraud are being told.

Theft is common and thieves are bold.

The Hippocratic Oath is used to steal

And too few auditors to reveal

The enormity of the plight,

Leaving taxpayers and the elderly both affright.

I know that something must be done.

So I speak to everyone

Hoping that someone will hear

And join me in this electioneer

To get this matter to the front of every taxpayer and legislator’s mind.

Perhaps then a solution we will find

That will not place our children in a bind

And risk their lost of the freedoms we now enjoy.

Making a better tomorrow for every girl and for every boy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

White Squirrel Prophecy

Wonder and amazement await as you turn this page of life.

Healing opens the gate for you to become a wife.

Ideals pursued shall now become manifest.

Time yields her fruit; patience has passed her test.

Enjoy every moment and the blessings that abound.

Summoned is the strength that was before unfound.

“Qualified and certified,” resounds your resume.

Unassailable you are found to your enemy’s dismay.

Identified are those with whom you should affiliate.

Rise to higher heights; from there you’ll write your slate.

Rattle every leaf and branch along your way.

Ease comes; you are readied; yea, and not alone.

Leap into the air with faith, for you shall find your home.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fat Cat


Think you've got the upper hand.
'Thing’s goin'
To your plan.

Lurkin' 'round without a care.
Sittin' there so laissez-faire.
So you sharpen up your claw
And take the time to - lick - your - paw.

I glanced you -
Out the corner of my eye.
Stay there on my porch in wait
And lie.

I flung open my porch door and released
My dog.
To give you chase and disturb your peace.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What we Believe

The belief that Joseph was dead
Filled his father, Jacob, with dread.
Though his fear be a false delusion,
Still his thoughts had a sad conclusion,
And his spirit was in distress,
And he found no peace and no rest.

The enemy will raise a lie
Hoping our faith will surely die.
His intent is only to deceive
For we act upon what we believe.

And though the truth be cloaked,
Our prayers, the Truth invoke,
And upon Him we make our stand,
Holding the unseen in our hand.

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