Monday, July 29, 2013

Altar of Shechem

At the altar of Shechem is where I will give you rest,

Take the load off your shoulder, and the yoke from round your neck.

At the altar of Shechem, lay aside what did beset,

The sin that did entangle, and the guilt and all regret.

At the altar of Shechem, be relieved of all your weight

Cast upon me all your cares as I lead you through my gate.

Lift your voice unto heaven. Pour your heart out at my feet.

Let your tears fall freely as you bow at my mercy seat.

Your downcast head, I shall lift. Your tears, I’ll wipe from your face.

For you have found my favor, mercy, blessings and my grace.

Your enemy, I’ll scatter; your broken heart, I will mend.

You are my son, my people. I am your God and your friend.

In secret, you have met me closed behind this closet door.

Openly, you shall receive all you have been praying for. 

Greater shall be your reward, than all you have petitioned.

Leave now, go forth and rejoice. Your God has seen and listened.

Formula For Manifestation

 (Mind+Heart)*Action/Testing = Manifestation

See it in your mind, believe it in your heart, act on it as though you have received it, even hold to it through times of testing to then receive the full manifestation of it.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blood Cries

A black boy in search of food, whose life has just burgeon,
Walks home in the rain, only to encounter bias with a gun. 
Point blank, the message is clear. There is no place to run. 

His cries for help fall on deaf ears.
He stands to face his worst fears.
His only justice is his mother's tears.

His life - taken, but Purpose is not done. 
His blood cries out from the ground that swallowed it,
Stands as witness against the one that shed it,
Lays guilt on a nation that refused to protect it,
Resounding loud and clear as a clarion.

If this be the house of justice, let it be torn down, every stone of it,
For plague is spread in the walls of it.
Let this house be scraped, cleaned and then rebuilt,
That blind Justice in her purest form may find rest in it,
And the work of Peace begun.

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