Sunday, July 8, 2012


God wants to make use of your pain.

It is a block in the construction of your temple.

It is a color in the design of your makeup.

It is a fiber in the clothing of your being.

Your pain is not to be locked up in the prison of your psyche,

Neither swept under a rug,

Nor hidden behind a closet door.

Your pain has a seat at your table

And a chapter in your book;

Because your pain came with purpose.

It was an enemy to be conquered.

It was a night to be endured.

It was a decent into hell to take possession of a key.

And in the midst of your pain, your soul cried out unto God.

From pain patience sprung forth,

And through it understanding developed.

By your testimony, the wounded are healed

The saints perfected,

And the captives set free.

So tell the overcoming story your pain to expand God’s kingdom

And to glorify his name.

In Him

In Him, I am infinite, because He is infinite.
In Him, I am perfect, because He is perfect.
In Him, I am love, because He is love.
And so, I remain in Him.

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