Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In the Midst of the Sea

I walk in the midst of the ocean.
I walk in the midst of the sea.
It's me!
I walk in the midst of the ocean
On dry land!

Walls of water form the corridor or my journey.
Walls of water lay the path to destiny.
It's He
Who made a way to safety.
Onward to my Promised Land!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Price of Arrogance

The price of arrogance
Is misery,
As you pay the consequence
Most seriously
For failing to give recognition
To a minor nuisance.
Deceived by a sense of invulnerability,
Losing all reason and objectivity,
Thinking the matter was superable,
When it certainly was not.
No thought was given to what was done
Nor to what was neglected to do.
So everything that was held dear,
Soon became unglued.
A cherished relationship lost
Is so great a cost!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eat Straw

The bullock works long and hard and has but straw to eat.
The lion labors not in the field, yet he desires meat.
And so, the bullock becomes the loin's prey.
But it shall not always be this way.
Men labor to build a castle for the king to stead;
And when the laborer's strength is gone, there is no place to lay his head.
Shall a man plant a vineyard and have no fruit to eat?
Shall a man build a house and have no place to sleep?
No, let the dust be the serpent's meat!
And let the produce of a man's toil be sweet!
Let no animal prey upon another;
But let all sit down together as one does with a brother.
Let us stand in awe
As lion and bullock both eat straw.

Log in my Fireplace

You put a log in my fireplace
And set it aflame.
The heat that it generated
Made me call you by name.
Moans of satisfaction
Cried aloud without shame.
A song of your wonders,
My heart did proclaim.
I felt your fire
In every inch of this room.
But over time,
The log was consumed.
So, if you don't mind,
I'll ask you again,
"Please put a log in my fireplace,
And if not now, tell me when!"

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