Friday, November 28, 2008

May you Find

May you find a conscious, a heart, and the courage to face yourself in Oz.
May you return home with truth and the ability to walk in it.
The whirlwind that cast you into a dark night of the soul was full of purpose:
That you may live and not die,
That you may trust God and cease to ask "why?"

Monkey in my Tree

Mr. Landscaper, do what you do.
Turn my grass to a verdant hue.
Flowers blossom, bloom and grow.
Waves of butterflies come and go.
Release a monkey in my tree.
Don't you know you've captivated me?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bars on Windows

Bars on windows,
Dead bolt locks on doors!
Is this home a sweet home
Or a prison of yours?

Insulated and barricaded,
A fence around your yard,
Separated and isolated,
Growling dogs on patrol to guard!

"Trespassers must keep out!"
Perimeter signs do note.
You're as a castle high on a hill
Surrounded by a mote.

You've hoisted your yellow flag.
A warning has been told.
What has you locked in quarantine?
What disease has taken hold?

Are you sure beyond a doubt
That your purpose is to keep unwanted people out?
Or do you fear they may have eyes to see
That your soul has leprosy?

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