Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hope for a Narcissist

I've often wondered about a narcissist,
Wondering how they have come to exist.
Hiding hurts from long ago that never have been healed.
Needing words of comfort to be soothed and congealed.
Wanting things to be ideal.
Unable to cope when they are real.
Flitting from one person to another to fill a hole within their heart:
A hole that only God can truly fill.
Oh, if they would only yield to Him; He most surely will.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Get to Steppin'

Girl, you got to understand
You got no place between me and my man.
Even God won't touch this,
So you best fear my wrath cuz I am pissed!
A woman lying in my bed
Had best wish that she was dead.
Them who God has joined together, you best leave alone
Befo' you find yourself six-feet under - dead and gone.
Don't step to me cuz I don't play.
Go ahead, drop down on yo' knees and pray.
You just best get out my way
Or we will come to terms today.
It's not yo' place to interfere with what husband and wife have got to say.
Because the two are one.
He can talk like a fool if he wants to, but befo' my work is even begun,
You best get to steppin' and disappear.
Just get yo' ass up outta here!

Caught You

Caught you!
Messing around on the internet,
Trying to be someone you are not,
Playing single, though married;
Your wife and children you forgot.
A young accomplished man
Is an old accomplished fool.
Caught you!
Preying upon unsuspecting women
Using the internet as your tool.
You say nothing's happening;
You're just giving good advice;
But it's me who's looking at you
And I know phone sex is your vice.
If you haven't got there yet
You were well along the way.
So shut-up; don't give me no excuse!
You have nothing more to say.
I've caught you!

Not Mine

Tempting, tantalizing, tongue-tingling treat,
Sugary satisfaction, scrumptiously sweet,
Delicious, delectable so good to eat,
Costs decidedly more than my pocket can meet.
Although it is a rare and exquisite find,
This sultry delight cannot possibly be mine.

Common Goal

I'm flying in the air.
See me.
Don't take your eyes off of me.
Jump, stretch, reach for me!
You can do it.
Ignore the whole world and turn your attention to me.
Let your only desire be me in your hands.
I am coming to you.
Extend your waiting arms.
Catch me with two hands.
Hold me tightly in your grasp.
Tuck me snuggly against your body.
Secure me tightly with your arms.
Shield me with your covering: your power and your might.
And run with me. Run with me!
Let not another take me from you.
And lover, should you fall,
We fall as one.
Squeeze me against your chest.
Wrap your arms and legs about me in a fetal embrace.
Should the whole world fall upon us,
I am safely in your possession.
We will arise from every calamity together,
Shaking off all that presses against us.
Locked in your clutches,
We continue our race as one:
You and I unto the end of this life's journey.
This will be our common goal.

Can any Take Your Place?

Can any take your place?
'Cause your love is
Undeniably satisfying.
Momunents are erected in your honor.
Buildings bearing your name reach for the sky.
Earth trembles and quakes in your presence causing
Rivers to spring forth from fountainheads.

Baby Go!

Baby, no!
Baby, no!
Baby, baby, baby, Go
Right ahead;
Dive right in
Head first.
It's your time to win.
Go for the gold.
Ten. Ten. Ten.
You got the moves.
You made the score.
You got me yelling,
"Encore! Encore!"

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Same O'

I hear the same o' message
Repeated time and time again.
I've learned that lesson long ago
And wait for originality to seep in.
Can you sing a new song?
Have you afflatus for today?
I see the branch vibrating,
But the bird has flown away.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Walk with Me

Simply irresistible is what I’m claimed to be,
Having a hold on a man both spiritually and sexually.
But I cast no spell on any man.
They come to me by choice,
Attracted by my beauty and sensuality the most.
Strangely, it’s mostly married men
At home with an empty bed
Who want to spend some time with me
Than with their wives instead.
But I have nothing to offer them
Other than a word
Of kindness and to recommend
That their loins be gird
Along with their imagination,
Which is dangerous to let roam free.
I walk a path of righteousness
And those who walk with me
Must surely do the same.

I am here

I am here.
My arms hold you.
Aroma of lovemaking fills the room.
Gentle caresses cause your concerns to take flight.
I am here.
Night turns into day and day into night,
As two become one.
This is what you've always longed for.
I am here.
Oblivious to your conscious world.
Now, I am here.


She was a puny girl,
Who became queen in the modeling world.
She had giant eyes and eye lashes
That were captured in photographer's flashes.
Her hair was always cut short
And microbolant attire she would sport.
She had an androgynous look,
By which the concept of beauty was shook.
Although she was as thin as a twig,
She was the image in her time to dig.
Despite some thought she was bulimic,
She was the icon that young girls would mimic.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Jack Horner

Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner
Eating some punani pie.

He put in his thumb,
Pulled it out and said, "Yum!"
As he licked his finger dry.

It was succulently sweet
So he had plenty to eat.
He savored its scrumptiousness.

A gustatory delight!
It tasted just right.
So he relished in its lusciousness.

Understanding now

Understanding now that your forever means tomorrow.
Understanding now that your truth is but a lie.
Understanding now that your riches come with sorrow.
Understanding now, time spent with you are days gone bye.

Understanding now that your heart was never given.
Understanding now that your words were just a line.
Understanding now, with you, my heart would be broken.
Understanding now, after you, being alone looks just fine!

Understanding now, for you, love was so elusive.
Understanding now, giving you my heart was a mistake.
Understanding now, what we had was not exclusive.
Understanding now, that me, you would forsake.

Understanding now, your home was not with me alone.
Understanding now, you are as any male I've ever known.
Yes, I'm understanding now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


You are a terrible grouch!

All you do is grumble and complain.
You are driving me insane!
And this tittle-tattle
That you constantly rattle
Is making me delirious.
Our meeting has not been felicitous.
Can you converse without asperity?
Have you heard of hospitality,
Or comradery?
As I pause to reflect,
You cause my knees to genuflect.
Prayer is the only way I can address
This situation, so I egress
From this relationship for the moment
Because it has become too potent
To kill, to steal, and to destroy those things that mean the most to me,
Such as, my faith and my sanity.

His Note

Woman, I don't love you no more.

Other women and their
Friendship, I find more inspiring.

Deep down
Inside is a
Void you can't fill.
Obviously, it's over between us.
Regardless of anything you or even God has to say,
Consider this relationship


Before the dawn comes.
Under star lit skies,
Stand I awaiting.


Never wait until tomorrow.
Or that day be filled with sorrow.
When to do it? Do it NOW!


Attractive, seductive, invitation given; heightened libido, passionately driven.
Luring me to come hither.
Leaving reasoning to wither.
Until I can resist no longer.
Riveting conversation, desire growing stronger.
Enthralled by an enticing smile.
Mouth begins to water as I linger for a while.
Enravished by his beauty; engaged by his charm.
Needing him, pleading him to hold me in his arm.
Titillating, tantalizing, tease, fulfill all my fantasies, please!


Moisture formed by dew rests upon the flower's petals.
Yeilding, the ground opens to the rain.

Vocalize your song, O lips,
A song of a gurgling brook
Gushing to the surface from hidden springs,
Inviting immersion.
Navigate the uncharted ocean, my son,
And get lost at sea.

Inhale the intoxicating aroma of
Salty waters from a well dug deep.

Will you take a drink of wine?
Enchanted elixir induces euphoria.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Your words are gobbledygook and nonsensical to me.
My mind is dull. My ears are deaf. And I can hardly see.
My perception is my filter and my reality.


The epigone artist produced a brummagen masterpiece.
And before a wanton public, it was very soon released.
Many copies were created and sold in mass quantity,
While the original artist languished in stark poverty.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

God Adjudicates

My eyes read what is not there, while my
Ears hear what is not said.
Liars, I won't tolerate; yet
I stand with myself.
Never judge another is what the good book states:
Discernment of the heart of man, God

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friend or Lover

Shall I lose friend or lover;
Or lose them both in one swell swoop,
When I soon discover
That my lover was my friend?


Some say my words are logorrhoea,
Some say otiose,
But I know that my words have power
To heal my heart the most.
Emotions that were held within
Released in words written with the pen.


Here I stand all alone.
There is not another.
Can't you see
It's only me
And I have no brother?
So it is the work of two,
I alone must do.
This is my trial, my test, my joy,
Until my life is through.

Your Place

Be at peace, dear,
There is no war here:
No battle to fight,
No enemy to fear.
There is no need to run.
There is no need to hide.
There is no need to search
Fathoms so far and wide.
Here, in my love,
Is your place to abide.


The lackadaisical lexicographer
Was a little leprechaun,
Who lived in the Limely Library
On Lexington and Barne.
One day this little leprechaun
Fell in love with a lassie fair.
He loved the way she smiled at him.
He loved her long flowing hair.
Just as the lassie had appeared,
She disappeared as well.
So the lackadaisical lexicographer
Fell into a depressing spell.
To those who visited the library,
He was most sure to tell
Just how he became lackadaisical,
“A broken heart just hurts like hell!”

Friday, August 1, 2008


One man's "garbage"
Is another man's "treasure".
One man's "farts"
Is another man's "perfume".
Black men traded their diamonds for mirrors,
Because they did not know the value of their rocks
To other men.

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