Monday, August 29, 2011


Do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil;
Do not let its fruit touch your tongue,
Because once you have tasted it,
Death, in you, has begun.

As surely as you take it in,
Most assuredly, it will come out;
For your life shall always manifest
All that you shall spout.

Because your mind shall have two thoughts;
Your heart, two desires, make.
And both of them shall disagree.
No peace for conscience’s sake!

Torn between what you shall speak:
A blessing or a curse;
It seems no matter what you say,
You only make things worse.

As a small tug boat carrying a large disabled ship to shore,
Your tongue leads you through an open door.
A tongue that knows both life and death
Can bring either to past by a single uttered breath.

An unbridled tongue makes an unbridled life
Full of hatred, envy, jealousy and strife.
Do not give a single member such power and control,
But bring it into bondage; touch your tongue with a burning coal.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Golden Butterfly

Golden Butterfly, you flit your wing.

What is the message, you’ve come to bring?

You are adorned in all your glory.

Tell me your tale; tell me your story.

“There was a time when I was found

Crawling there upon the ground,

And now you see, I’m flying high.

I lift my face toward the sky.

There was a time I was wound up,

And the cares of this world had me all bound up.

And now you see, I am free,

And I rejoice in victory.

A bitter struggle, I undertook.

And now you see me; take a look!

No battle scars do I bare,

Only badges of courage do I wear.

Once trapped inside a dark cocoon,

I transformed as a baby in a mother’s womb.

And now you see, I’m born again:

a new creature, a new life to begin.

My golden color says I’ve been purified.

All odds against me, I defied.

Although fiery darts were applied,

I arose out of the ashes beautified.

Trials and tribulations are for a season.

They have a purpose and a reason.

You may suffer long, but do endure.

Make your destiny firm and sure.

Hold your head up! Do not dismay.

There is a beauty you shall display.

When your dark night does dispel,

There is a testimony you will tell.

You gaze upon my beauty now and disregard my past.

And so, I’ve come to speak to you, ‘Your troubles will not last.’

I sing a song of freedom and of glory yet unseen.

So set your eyes upon what lies ahead as you gaze upon my wing.”

Thursday, August 25, 2011


They called her fat,

But she wasn't that.

She had the gene of an athlete

And her bones carried a little more meat.

She found delight in eating her meal.

She loved the way a full stomach made her feel.

Compared to the other children, she was more plump,

But that’s no reason for one to jump

To such a conclusion.

The term “fat” was an exaggerated delusion.

The other children were more lean,

But this was no excuse to make them mean,

By calling this dear child such a name.

Taunting others is not a game.

When the kids went out to play,

They told her to stay away.

They didn't want to bear her touch,

Lest they begin to eat much.

The thought that eating could be contagious

Is ridiculous and outrageous.

This was their way to ostracize

This dear child of another size.

Where did they learn to be so cruel?

This is no lesson taught in school!

There was no cause for such ridicule.

It made her positive attributes seem so minuscule.

So when she thought of herself, she thought only that

She was fat.

As she grew older, nothing changed.

She found society most deranged

And quick to express its hate

For those who carry a little more weight.

Those who seem to have more mass

Are treated as the lower class.

Her self-esteem and her self-worth

Became buried beneath her thick girth.

Thoughts of fatness plagued her through the years.

It was the source of her depression and the root of her fears.

She believed she didn't fit.

Her most enjoyable activities, she soon quit.

She could not see in the mirror a reflection

Of who she was and soon became the reflection

Of what was said,

As fatness chained her to her bed.

Now consumed, is her destiny lost

By vicious words so easily tossed?

And just to think it all began

With a dear child too young to understand

That when she was called fat,

She wasn't that.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Is there a hunger in you that is driving you to fulfillment?
A yearning, a craving, a need so overwhelming,
It plagues your mind in every waking moment
And is a recurring dream in your night seasons.
Your heart holds the control and selects replay, replay, replay.
A nonstop repetition, even sleep is disturbed
And you are awakened to continue the search, the struggle, the fight
To acquire that which your heart starves for.
Mind, body, soul
Finds no contentment until the heart is satisfied.
And so, that unrelieved desire creates an aching void,
A dark hole that consumes the light,
A gravitational pull so strong that it sucks your life force
Into the depths of its depression,
As if to say, “achieve or die.”
And so you clamor for your heart’s desire as one grasping for a branch
To pull one’s self out of a pit of sinking sand.
“Achieve or die.”
You race toward your goal as one being chased
By a vicious and hungry man-devouring animal.
Running to, all the while running from!
“Achieve or die.”
The message is clear.
There is a reason you were placed on earth,
It is to achieve your destiny.
If you do not pursue it,
Earth has no need of you.
If you do not take hold of the purpose you were given,
Even though you must place your life on the line to have it,
(Yes, you must war for it;
And it is yours, if you would but only war.)
If you turn away in fear,
The desert of your emptiness will swallow you whole.
So, achieve or die.
There is no other recourse.
Move on. Press forward.
Take up your arms and march relentlessly.
Strike down your enemy in your path.
Focus. Keep your eyes on the prize.
Never stop. Never give in. Never give up.
Take hold of your dream.

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