Saturday, September 27, 2014


Oh woman, I see the strain in your face.
The little that you had, you have given.
At the table, you took no place,
That the souls of your children might not be driven
From the face of the earth.
So your diminutive frame is withered and has no girth.

Muscle wastes from your body.
Your skin cleaves unto your bone.
Your dress is dirty, wrinkled and shoddy.
You are one of millions and not alone.
Your hands reach out showing open palms
Laced with scrawny fingers asking alms.

You hear your children’s stomachs growling,
As baby birds chirping in their nest.
The sound has sent you prowling
For food; you have found no rest.
You have been sacrificing your share and ignoring your need
Having concerns for your children, while letting your insides bleed.

If I let you starve, you die by my hand
As if I placed a gun to your head,
And my obdurate heart did not understand
That it pulled the trigger and let you fall dead
Before my feet.
When all you wanted was some food to eat.

May I participate in your murder?
Could it be my soul's destiny to kill,
Or is it my destiny to girder?
Should I be led by my will
To amass riches unto myself
And be consumed by my wants, my desires and my wealth?

Certainly, starvation has killed more
Than any weapon made.
Its devastation has tore
Through every commonwealth and glade.
Though it never declared a war
Surely its path has been laid
With streets full of gore
And the hurting and wounded seeking aid.
The question remains, which side am I on?
Am I Starvation’s enemy, or am I simply its pawn?

I have and you do not.
Am I justified to close my eyes to your suffering?
Has Fate determined your lot?
Is it wrong if I close my ears to your imploring?
Should I be looked upon with disdain
Because I close my heart to your pain?
Because I close my fists with restrain?

Is my provision merely a test
To see if I‘m able
To make room at my table
And have you as my guest?
 I can spare a dime; and if it should take
A dime out of every dollar I make
 I give it for my own conscience’s sake.

Starvation is my enemy and I will not partake
In its scheme to cause mankind to forsake
That within us which is good:
Hearts of compassion and thoughts of brotherhood.
Your image has been impressed on my mind.
I garner my strength and every resource I find
To provide food to the hungry, that they may sup.
For all of mankind drinks from the very same cup.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rich Man

There has always been plenty available for you to eat. 
So it’s hard for you to understand the plight of the man lying in the street.
Your table is spread with the choicest of food, so you pile up your plate
And do not see the starving man standing at your gate.
You let his daily pleas for a crumb fall deafly at your ear.
You never questioned what he did succumb once he did disappear.
Starvation caused his death but you partook in his demise.
Your heart of stone forsook his needs and his condition you did despise.
His blood is now upon your hands for the help you did deny.
At Judgment’s Seat soon you will stand, what then will you reply?

Friday, September 12, 2014


Haggard eyes and hallow pit,
Unremitting pain!
Needing nourishment but can't find it, a
Gauntly life has found its bane.
Emptiness is now complete:
Rapacious insatiable appetite has brought defeat.

Reprinted from "I Do: Becoming the Wife of God", By Doris Trueheart,

Where Love Is

Draw a line around my heart.
Show me where love is, and
Show me where love is not.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Verily, Verily

Very truly, the words I have spoken are launched as a mirv.
Every word I have spoken shall be.
Reliably steadfast, my word God does moor
I have spoken, receive a priori
Lawful and truthful, my word is the gospel.

Yes, I say, most definitely.

Feed the Hungry

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