Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the Beginning

In the beginning God was.
Nothing preceded Him.

Time came into being to mark the start of his creation.
Heaven, then

Beasts of the field, fowls of the air, fish of the sea,
Every creature
Great and small,
In every realm of heaven and earth, all of the
Natural and supernatural universe, knows God as the source, as the
Indeed, the
Name of God is upon all creation for
God is its author.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


A sudden change in direction.
For; now against.
Once right; now wrong.
Old habits die hard,
But die they must;
If you want to survive - the curve.
Wreaths line the road as memorials
Of those who have recklessly made this approach.
Your road doesn’t continue dead ahead;
And if you don’t navigate this curve,
That’s what you’ll be;
Or worst, fall short of fulfilling your destiny.
Straight ahead, guardians block the way,
As guardrails, walls or stately trees
That do not yield to your trespass;
So turn you must -
And sharply.
So remain alert and aware
That the time for change has come.
It has been thrust upon you;
But has not taken you by surprise.
As sure as night is followed by sunrise,
You knew this time would come.
There were warning signs along the way for you to heed,
“Caution, change is coming.”
“Slow your speed.”
The direction you are headed
Won’t lead to your desired end.
Curve ahead!
Be prepared
To shift;
For now,
It’s your

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Water Springs Forth

My well ran dry.
The pipe too short to reach the water level,
Which over time had waned.
And so another pipe is pounded deep into the earth,
Until refreshing water springs forth to satisfy a thirsty soul
For many days to come.

Reprinted with permission from

Dear Giant

There is no weapon in my hand,
No sword or dagger,
No stave or blade.
I wear no armor as a shield.
Without defense, I come before you.
Destruction is my purpose.
I have no fear of your might,
For I come to defend the name of my God.
He goes before me
And he has ordained my victory.

Reprinted with permission from

Full Surrender

She was closed tightly during the long, dark, and cold season of the night,
But the sun did rise, and the joy of the morning did come,
Then slowly, in response to the light and warmth of love, she opened.
As each petal relaxed its grip in full surrender, the flower enlarged herself,
And released a fragrance that filled the air.

Reprinted with permission from

I Color My World

Your love is the paint on this artist's palette, the healing balm applied.
My love flows from the artist's heart.
With broad strokes I color my world.
Then with precision, each detail is meticulously laid.

Reprinted with permission from

I Choose

With my eyes, I choose what I see.
All may view things differently.
With my ears, I choose what I hear
And can tune in one voice in a crowd of people talking.
With my heart, I choose how I feel at any given moment.
With my mind, I choose what I think, remember or forget.
My choice affects the events of life, and yet
Regardless of the events of life, I still choose.

Reprinted with permission from

You hand them to me

I reach but cannot grasp.
Then you say, "Lil' shorty, let me get that for you."
Then with your long arms
You pull down those things I reached for
And hand them to me.
I struggle to lift or carry heavy things.
So you say to me, "Do not labor,
Go and rest.
Let me carry that for you."
Because of my weakness,
You exercise your strength
And your strength is perfected.
My needs, you supply.

Reprinted with permision from

Come My Little Jester

Come my little jester, come and bemuse me.
Come and eliminate the memories of my hurts in totality,
Even if just for a moment.
Avail me of your humor, for my heart needs to be elated.
I cannot fathom what I'd do without you.
The laughter that you stir within me
Does encircle my pain and transport it as a barge out into the sea
Of forgetfulness.
Healing is your essence.
And right now,
I need to be healed.
Reprinted with permission from

The Impregnable, Mr Fink

One step into the office, and then I know I've entered the Twilight Zone.
Keyboards clicking and walk clocks ticking an eerie monotonous drone.
Everyone has their face to the screen with spry fingers typing away.
Backs bent over and eyesight failing; hair is turning gray.
No time to waste, keep up the pace and make every message succinct.
Expunge every error, or you'll bear the terror of the perfidious, Mr. Fink.
Working for Fink is no easy task, but the source of emolument.
A raise, you say? Don't even ask; it's an uncommon and unknown event.
And forget all your hopes and dreams to maintain a salubrious state.
For you're chained to your desk at every moment without even the leeway to take
A stretch, or a bend, or a blink of the eye, not even a restroom break.
Mr. Fink has not a care to be amicable;
He's the impregnable,
Mr. Fink.


This is an anecdote and not a fable.
One day at a cafe, there at the table
Was an elderly gentleman wearing a fez with a feather.
So I said to him, "Sir, I do not know whether
My opinion would matter or not, but your hat looks quite prissy;
And I'm sorry to say, you look like a sissy!"
The gentleman laughed with a chortle and replied with a trill,
"My young lady, I see that you certainly will
Say exactly whatever is on your mind.
You are quite nervy, this I do find.
And I'm not sure that is an accolade.
But won't you sit down and share a glass of lemonade."
And so I did, and he continued to say,
"My job is quite cumbersome and provides so little pay.
I'm usually zonked by the end of the day.
My work is a tedious and arduous fag.
My boss is a rotter, an unbearable hag.
A maelstrom is the atmosphere there
So when I punch out, my fez, I do wear
As a means of escapism. It's my way to cope.
And so, my dear, I certainly hope
You will join me in giving a cheer
To the small pleasures we can find here."
So we lifted our glasses and gave them a clink on that day
And shouted, "Mabuhay! Mabuhay! Hip Hip Hooray!"


Dance with me, my lover.

As a zephyr blows through the leaves of the trees on a spring day,
Let us frolick together, wind and leaf at play.
Blow over my face. Caress my backside.
Upon your waves, I do gently glide.
Your rhythmic movements cause me to flutter with delight.
And so, I long to release and take flight.
Carry me away, my lover, to a place I've never known,
To heights of estacy found in your arms alone.
Reprinted with permission from

Rainbow's End

I met a woman walking along a road, where I had just been.
And so I stopped to tell her, "My dear, this road leads to a dead end.
The path is paved and beautifully landscaped at the entrance gate;
But soon becomes a dirt road filled with pot holes; sink holes lay in wait.
This road will devour all your resources and leave you with heartache.
Turn now and come with me lest all I've spoken will soon be your fate."
She looked at me in disgust. I was all bruised and tattered and worn.
What words could such an old woman give to one who was newly born!
She believed she had greater knowledge and had found the rainbow's end.
So on the road from which I had just escaped, she would now begin.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cop a Plea

When a poor black man goes to court, he is never seen again.
Whether innocent or guilty, this is the most common trend.
Too poor for a lawyer; a public attorney will defend,
With a caseload that's too heavy, there's no time to prep to win.

With threats of years of confinement, he presses to cop a plea;
Yet fails to advise his client, "A record will follow thee,
Hindering your opportunities for gainful employment,
Killing your spirit, and drying up your every enjoyment.

Making your life a living hell;
Confined or free, you're still in jail!"

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