Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Rage is for the living, not the dead.
We must stand and fight in our lost one's stead.
The fires of hatred, fear and oppression still run hot.
The lives of our fallen brothers, we have not forgot.
The existing political system has rejected us
And no token President can appease us
Because no single act of kindness can bend our backs in submission.
The burdens placed on us are without our permission.
The laws as enforced are not just,
So we must join together as a single power to make this corrupt system bust
And rebuild one that's new
And true
To our ideals of justice and democracy,
Freedom and equality.
Black blood splattered all over the scene.
Black lives matter; it's time to vote Green!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bush did it

Bush did not do what Hillary did. Bush deleted emails. He covered his wrong and walked away empty handed. Hillary took government emails and stored them on her personal server in her home, then she transferred the emails to 2 private firms, and again to her legal firm. None of these firms nor her law firm had the clearance to receive these documents. No investigation was made into accessiblitity of these files by their employees. Further, at least one of these firms backed up (made copies) of her files and stored the copies in the cloud (on servers all over the world). Had Hillary erased her emails, there would be no scandal today. But instead she left office and took her emails with her. Once investigation into Benghazi took place, evidence of her personal server arose. Hillary then earsed emails from that server. But there were still multiple copies still in her control. She stated that she turned over everything "in her possession." When the FBI observed the private servers, these companies were asked to turn over what they had. Hillary notified them to erase their files, but one did not want to get caught in a coverup and obeyed the FBI. The FBI was able to prove that she erased these files because they had the copies. They were able to show she had moved classified documents to an unsecured location because they had copies of those emails. Hillary left proof of her crimes, although it was not her intent to do so. Her actions are acts no other SOS nor president has ever taken!! If her emails were erased, no other entity could have access to them. Instead any nation could have access to her documents, while she was SOS and up to when the FBI took possession. But the FBI took possession after other nations had the opportunity to do so as well.

Bill and Hillary: Ahab and Jezebel

Bill and Hillary parallel Ahab And Jezebel. Ahab and Jezebel were the only husband/wife team to rule Israel. The same is true of Bill and Hill. Bill said, "you get two for the price of one". The reign of Ahab and Jezebel was established as serving and worshipping Baal (god of money and war). The same is true of the Clintons, who are bought by the elite, corporations, banks, and defense contractors. Ahab and Jezebel lived in an Ivory palace The Clintons lived in the White House. It was a time of great prosperity and many cities were built during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel. Also during the term of the Clintons, the housing bubble started after Glass-Steagall Act ended and sub-prime lending allowed. The Clinton Administration, convincing Congress to end this Act, was the leading cause of our never ending economic crisis. Just like Ahab and Jezebel, Bill and Hill consulted with false prophets and were into the occult (seances at the White House, described in the book, "The Choice," by Bob Woodward). Ahab did evil in the sight of the Lord more than all who were before him. With Clinton there was travelgate, filegate, white water, Chinagate {the trading of nuclear missile technology for campaign money}, impeachment, perjury, obstruction of justice, sexual assault, sexual harassment, "bimbo eruptions", pardongate, etc. Jezebel was an instigator that stirred wickedness. Bill left Hillary to handle his accusations and scandals. Ahab and Jezebel caused the whole nation of Israel to sin. Similarly, during the term of the Clintons, the whole nation got caught up in " get rich quick" schemes, such as the fraudulent dot coms and real estate scams. These led to events such as the failure of Enron, which caused massive losses in pensions and investments and the real estate bubble burst, where millions lost their homes and investments and pensions suffered losses again. Ahab attempted to negotiate a "land deal", and similarly, the Clintons had White Water. Ahab's negotiations broke down, similarly Congress & Special Prosecutor began to investigate White Water. Jezebel intervened and by treachery and deceit obtained the property. Similarly, Hillary's Rose Law Firm handled White Water. Jezebel had Naboth, the landowner murdered. An innocent man died because of the Clinton's White Water "land deal" , namely, Vince Foster/White House and Rose Law Firm Attorney. Because of this "land deal", the Judgment of God was pronounced upon Ahab and Jezebel, similarly, impeachment began for Bill. Ahab humbled himself, renting his clothes, laying and putting on sackcloth, fasting and walking softly before the Lord. Similarly, Bill admitted to lying/adultery on National TV. Because Ahab humbled himself before the Lord, judgment was averted for three years, until the end of his reign. Similarly, the Senate voted no on impeachment. After the reign of Ahab, Jezebel sought to rule the nation. Similarly, Hillary seeks to become President. During the time of Jezebel, there arose a prophet of God, Elijah, who proclaimed the evil practices of serving Baal. Similarly, a Jewish man, Bernie Sanders has risen out of obscurity pronouncing the evil of the corporate oligarchy and rule in favor of the wealthy with no regard for the people and the planet. Elijah proved to the people that he served the true God by calling down fire from heaven to consume the altars to Baal. Similarly, Bernie has inspired millions of followers with a fiery passion to bring change to the system. They are crying out " Feel the Bern!" Jezebel 's end came when her own court threw her out of the window. Should this parallel continue to be followed, Hillary will be thrown out of the window of opportunity by the testimony of her aides, and by her own democratic delegates. Jezebel fell to the ground and was eaten by the dogs. Similarly, should Hillary succumb to this fate, the media will eat her alive!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

America or Hillary

In the end of these scandals, Hillary has demonstrated that she is corrupt and shows contempt for rules and laws. Yet, many Americans press forward to elect her as "the first woman president" at the expense of destroying the "pillars of character and integrity" and the pillars of equality and justice upon which America was founded. America cannot be great without the values we hold dear. Over the centuries, these are the values men and women have sacrificed their lives to secure and protect. Our vote in this election does not define the candidates or the media, but will define each one who casts their vote. Do we uphold America and the vision our forefathers had of her as stated in our Declaration of Independence? Or do we disgrace America and ourselves and bring about the demise of America by casting down the very pillars upon which she stands? Have we become such terrorist that we would cast a rope over a tree and around America's neck and then kick her pillars from beneath her feet? Shall we lynch the America we once loved? Shall we elect this woman, Hillary, to rule over a lifeless America? If I would choose a woman in this election, I would choose America!

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