Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Say No

It's so easy to just say, "no,"
When you are not in the throe
Of passion; but when the heat is on and every urge in your body says "go,"
Can you still say, "No"?
Why wait until it's two
Against who?
It's hard enough to fend him off, but yourself as well?
The fire you're playing with can land yourself in hell:
Broken heart, unplanned pregnancy, broken dreams, disease, ended life.
For a moment of pleasure? That's too high a price!
So say, "No,"
Before you go
Down the road that leads to destruction.
You know the guideposts along the way: peer pressure, foreplay, intoxication,
Just to name a few.
But I don't have to tell you.
Listen to your inward voice:
The one that helps you make the right choice.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Want It All

I ask for totality but you give me a part
And expect that I should be satisfied.
You misunderstand.
So stand still and listen, for I shall explain.
Your fa├žade will never do;
For what I desire must come from the heart:
And I desire all your heart can give.
So expose all you did withdraw and make unavailable to me,
For it is that which I require.
Fill my treasure trough or else be desolate.

(reprinted from http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendId=147936150&page=6 , May 18, 2008)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Count the Cost

If you have a desire,
Make a plan and count the cost.
Give account for every penny
Lest the entire project soon be lost.

Keep your focus on the purpose
That you have planned and set,
Lest other wants attract your eyes
And you soon forget.

If you do not work to gather,
Then your efforts are for naught;
And you only cause to scatter
The little you have got.

If you do not work with me,
Then you work against,
Causing us to part our ways
Now or in a time hence.

The choices that you make today
Will have a consequence.
So consider well your actions
With due diligence.


You tried to tend a fire
Then smothered out the flame.
You watched me stir the embers
And revive the flame again.

There are some things that I know well and I am apt to teach,
But only to another who is apt to learn.
If you play with fire,
You will soon get burned.

If you do not know its ways,
Fire can get out of control;
Then the price you pay
Will be a hefty toll.

Rag Doll

I get my rag doll when I want to play;
And when I'm done, I put her down.
But when I want to play again,
I know where she is found.

This one thing you need to know;
You cannot come and go,
For I am not your rag doll
And not held in your depot.

A Rose

A rose pressed between the pages of a book,
That’s where I’ll find you.
The time we spend together makes the memories of tomorrow.
You are my first love.
The things we do shall always be “the first.”
And should there ever be another,
He’d be compared to you.
So let’s set a standard that none could ever meet,
A love so strong, so lasting, so memorable, so sweet.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lice on Mice

Lice on mice.
Fleas on Fluffy.
Even crabs have grabbed
A hold on Musty.

Be careful where you run.
Be guarded where you stay.
Be mindful of places
That you choose to lay.

Be wary of the people
With whom you associate.
Don't let just anyone pass
Through your pearly gate.

Lice, crabs, fleas, HIV and STD's
Don't discriminate.
They'll infect anyone
And seek to procreate
On one being spread to another:
So watch out lest you end up with
A dirty m----- f-----.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Steps

I've lifted you from the ground
And steadied you with my hand.
Now it is time to let you go
And allow you to take your stand
On your own two feet:
To make your first steps alone.
This is your journey and your destiny.
The path before you is your own.

I know that if I let you go,
You may stumble and you may fall;
But I know that you will rise again
And walk among us all.
There was a time for me to help,
But that was for a season:
To see you stand and walk alone
Was the purpose and the reason.

Your sparkling eyes may become sullen
And tears your face may wear
As you stand in fear wondering
How to get from here to there.
At first I will be standing near
Urging you to come.
Afterwards, you will be confidently moving
Without coaxing from anyone.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I must have swam in fresh water
Or entered some infested habitat
Because I have an organism attached to me.
And I just didn't fathom that.

Whatever was spewing from its mouth
Must have some kind of antiseptic;
Because I couldn't feel its presence:
Too gullible, should be more skeptic!

While I was daydreaming,
It was connecting with my heart
And sucking out my blood
Like I was some culinary art.

My nourishment was feeding it
Instead of feeding me.
My bank account was nearly empty
While its smile was gratuity.

I suppose its plan was to stay
Until it was quite full
Then to go away
With another who'd fall for its bull.

But I just paused to take a look
Because I wasn't feeling quite well.
That's when I discovered it
And understanding rang my bell.

There it was:
Its teeth sunk deep into my flesh.
It had best get ready:
It's about to get a thresh!

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