Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just a Hypocrite

He was a married man,
Quite upset
That his wife showed her pastor
More respect
Than what she showed him.

So he proposed that pastors
Do reject
The women that honor them;
And yet,
He was a teacher who had
Quite a female following;
And it was his praises they would sing.

But rather than discourage,
He did encourage
Them to bring the more;
And when his own wife became sore,
He took no action to bring an end
To what he saw as support of a freind.

And so, his stance against the pastors
Made him just a hypocrite.


The LORD is my inheritance.
He is my experience.
My every need is satisfied.
My every desire is realized.
He is my need and my desire;
And I have Him.
He is my life and my way.
He is the sun that lights my day.
He is the breath that is my soul.
It is in Him, I am made whole.
He is my joy that can't be told.
He is my diamonds and my gold.
"How am I doing?" you ask this day.
I am fulfilled in every way.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Relinquish all activity.
Ease all muscles.
Let go all cares.
At rest is both heart and mind.
X'd out is this time slot.
Enter into a new dimension:

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Man that appears one way,
Yet is not, does not have a


No time for lunch.
Just time enough to grab a bunch
Of flowers and get home,
Where someone's waiting all alone.
It's mid-afternoon
And it's time to swoon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blue Flame

Bright yellow burning flames,
Amongst them, I see you.
Burning hotter than the rest,
You have a different hue.
All that come near you shall ignite,
Oh fiery flame of blue.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Please don't tell me anymore!
My ears are tired and have grown sore.
In me, you've "found your home sweet home";
But there you are on the phone
Trying to get between another woman's legs.
Now "our relationship is non-exclusive."
Man, you are so elusive!

So now you want to project that I have some jealousy;
And you can't put your trust in me;
When it's you that can't be trusted.
Man, you are so busted!
Liar, liar
Pants on fire!
We met
On the internet,
On a Christian dating service, where you told me that being single
Was just a jingle;
And the ranks of men were only married liars
With no fear of burning hell fires.
They just wanted some sexual chat.
If it led to more, they'd fancy that.
But you were one with a true heart;
And no lie could ever part
Your lips because you would not defame
Your own surname.
And you were never married.
And so I tarried
To hear just what you had to say.
And with my heart and mind, you did play.
After some years, I came to know you:
To know that every word you spoke was untrue.
You were never legit.
Your heart, you would never commit.
Promises were never kept.
Those would be considered lies except
That you are entitled to change your mind;
And so you did so all the time.
And yes, I soon discovered that you were married too.
But not from you.
It was your own friends and family that let me know
The fool I'd been  - to let go
My heart to you,
Because you
Would never hold it dear.
And so, it does appear
That to lie
Is just your modusoperandi.


Facinating fantasy flames the fires of my heart.
Hallucinatory heartrob hovers from the start.
Stimulating surrealism situated in my mind.
Mesmerising mirage mimicking the divine.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quickly Undone

A sensational chthonic tat
Written in an unusual dialect
Was webified.
People everywhere were horrified.
In seconds the message spread
And the whole earth was filled with dread.
Could this be a bellweather of things to come?
See how quickly the world can be undone!


He was a man quite puny.
At first, some thought him loony.
But his violence became quite known
His infamy throughout the land had grown.
He overthrew a government
And massacred each dissident
And named himself the king.
Oh! To have his name ring
Throughout a great empire
Was his great hope, and his desire.
So he controlled what was being said.
Upon others, he would tread.
He gathered unto himself an army.
His self-importance became smarmy.
He began wars with every group
And took over each with a coup d’etat.
He was most tyrannical by far.
And it became no mystery
That his name became etched in history,
The great Napoleon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


What is the lesson to be learned?
Love is spent and never earned?
Love is given, perhaps returned?
On two ends a candle's burned?
Love is empty, hurting, always yearned?
Actions and intent not discerned
Where matters of the heart's concerned?
Pages of the book unturned!
First we meet and now adjourned!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Funds never going to the place they had intent.
Raising eyebrows question how the money has been spent.
Arising innuendos lead to argument.
Undesired consequences shall result from this event.
Documents have been doctored, the law to circumvent.
Unscrupulous practices - to the penitentiary one is bent.
Lies promulgated to prevent some one being sent.
Enough destitute victims to build a monument!
Needless suffering brings a conscience to repent.
Turning ancestors in their graves, ashamed of their descent!


Their eyes had never met.
They stood so far apart.
One glance at dear Bathsheba,
Pierced through David's heart.
What was it about her
That cast this magic spell?
What voodoo caused him to want her
Without a thought of hell?
Why did he leave the battle
And stand there on his roof?
What caused his mind to wander
And his heart to be aloof?
What was the purpose of their connection?
My heart yearns to know the truth.

A Lonesome Blackguard

He was known to be a blackguard all throughout the town;
And people would walk the other way whenever he was found.
He peregrinated through the alleys; he slept upon the ground.
He began to talk to himself because no one was around.

This poor lonesome blackguard had no comity.
His soul was enervated, and he fell into despondency.
So he did examine his life in its entirety.
And questioned in his mind, “What has become of me”?

Then he saw a little church and entered through its door
And went up to the altar and laid prostate upon the floor.
And there he begged the Lord to set his soul aright.
He rose that day from darkness and walked into the light.

It was as though he’d drank a philter to cause his heart to change.
From that moment on, he walked in love; at first, others thought him strange.
But soon they did discover that his heart was true.
And so it was returned to him, a love that was long overdue.

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