Monday, November 9, 2015

Unknown Tongue

My lips throb at the thought of you.
And so, I open my mouth and let my breath vocalize your praise.
My chin trembles.
My tongue flutters.
My words become incoherent as my heart speaks,
But you understand.

Down for the Count

I felt the heavy impact of a punch
Colliding with my head.
Love was displaced,
Pushed out by dread.
My mind, it was shaken.
My right eye swelled shut.
Something just happened.
But what was it? What?
How quickly I lost sight of who I was
And why I was here.
What was I doing?
Why do I now fear?
Pain and disappointment occupied and
Tormented my mind.
I mulled over how I would cope with this,
Just what could I find?
Revenge. Envy. Hate.
Look, here’s dispassion!
These tools are so great!
I can’t wait to put them into action!
Such thoughts slashed wholly every connection
Between mind and feet.
Although I was headed for destruction
It was not complete.
The foundation upon which I once stood
Was slipping away.
My body began
To tremble and sway.
‘Fore I could think twice
I came tumbling down.
Only to receive another hard blow
To my head as it smashed against the ground
Then rebound and rebound and hit again.
Close to my ear, I heard a voice shout, “One!”
I was pondering all that had happened
And reflecting upon what I had done.
I began to question, “What should I do?”
When I heard the very same voice shout, “Two!”
“Why is he counting?”
I wondered, as the voices of a crowd
Resonated, “Boo!”
But quickly they were outshouted by a
Greater crowd of voices cheering for me.
Through all the voices,
I heard that familiar voice shouting, “Three.”
That great crowd shouted, “You are Champion!
Get up: fight again!”
You are our victor!
You’re destined to win!
You are our conqueror and so much more!
Before they finished,
That voice shouted, “Four!”
Ruminating on those inspiring words,
Love returned to me.
Champion, Victor,
And Conqueror defined who I would be.
That voice shouted, Five!”
By God’s grace, I garnered strength and slowly rose up to my feet.
I am a title fighter in a clash with the enemy.
I am fully trained and single focused,
Ready to go the distance; now is the time of his defeat.
We went several rounds, yet I sustained.
He was relentless.
But within me, God’s power never waned.
The enemy used several techniques
But I skillfully countered each attack.
Everything that had been taken from me
I joyously doubly took it all back.
The title is mine.
The victory won.
All was determined
 ‘Fore this had begun.

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