Saturday, February 28, 2009

Precious Memories

Precious memories of my youth
Will surely last forever,
There in the pages of my mind.
You and I together.
Everything we do
Shall be written down.
Love’s first kiss or love’s first heartache
In its pages shall be found.
So let us carefully choose
The actions we will take,
Because what we do today
Are memories we create.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Continuous Force

Many faces yet one people.
Many feet yet one stand:
Together in unity, love and peace
With our fellow man.

Having all men working with one purpose
And speaking with one voice,
The impossible becomes possible
And success becomes our choice.

Every obstacle is surmountable
And every problem is resolved
Without hatred, strife and prejudice,
When every man is harmoniously involved.

As touching any matter
Collectively as one
And agreeing to the outcome
We shall see it done.

A single man’s self-focus
Becomes a cancerous growth
In the body of mankind
And leads to the death of both.

Jointly, we rise above life’s circumstances:
Divided, we shall fall.
Every man must be willing to sacrifice,
Even his life, for the good of all.

Let the strong man lend a hand
To those who are weak,
That all may link together
To make our chain complete.

A man is not an enemy
Of another man.
Collectively we are one body.
Assembled, we are one man.

Our war is against the thoughts and beliefs
That cause us to see as other than our self
Another who is our brother
On this our common shelf.

Let us put on our armor
And come to our defense
To guard our heart and mind:
Allowing no offense.

A greater peace
Shall abide.
Our love,
Our brother’s sin shall hide.

Cooperatively, we shall open wide
The doors that once were closed
And enter in as a whole
Forever unopposed!

An object once in motion,
Without opposition, cannot be stopped.
Let indivisibility be the position
That we all adopt.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Start Reciting

The bank doors are open
When you don’t need a dime;
And a host of gentleman caller’s
Offer a glass of wine.
You are the opening act
And the theatre is packed.
But to your demise,
Should a circumstance arise,
You’ll hear the audience say,
“Get out of the way!”
As they race toward the exit.
Did someone just yell, “FIRE!”?
Must have;
‘Cause it’s on the evening news wire
Being broadcast around the world.
And girl,
Do you think your man is at your side?
He was the first one out the door!
He didn’t want to get trampled to the floor.
You thought he had the word “man” defined,
But when push came to shove,
He flew out like a dove.
And it didn’t show
What he claimed to know.
You’re dead broke,
Standing there looking like a joke.
Better start reciting your monologue,
‘Cause there sure ain’t gonna be no dialogue.

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