Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday PAC MAN!

Up, down,
Left, right.
Trying to eat my cookies,
While also trying to fight.

My eyes on what I had to gain;
My thoughts on what I could lose,
And on which path that I should take,
Having so little time to choose.

This game demanded my concentration
And stirred within me anxiety.
If only my nimble fingers
Would provide more dexterity!

Many times I lost,
But I chose to play again;
Because there was and overcoming joy
Every time I'd win.

"Thank you for these lessons of life
You chose with us to share,"
Spoken in behalf of all of the lovers
Of Pac Man everywhere.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Wandered in the Wilderness

I wandered in the wilderness
In a solitary way.
I cried to the Lord, "Deliver me!"
He led me forth by the right way.
He led me to a city,
A city for me to dwell.
Thank God for his goodness,
For his wonderful work,
For a city for me to dwell.

He brought me out of darkness,
Out of the shadow of death.
He broke all of my bonds
And brought me here to rest.
He led me to a city,
A city for me to dwell.
Thank God for his goodness,
For his wonderful work,
For a city for me to dwell.

I cried to the Lord
And he heard me.
He sent his Word
To heal me.
Thank God for his goodness,
For his loving-kindness,
For a city for me to dwell.

(c) 2008 from I Do, by Doris Trueheart

Blood Upon the Sheet

With love in his eyes, Christ looked upon me
And called me to be his bride.
He knew my life had been full of sin,
Yet he refused to be denied.

He carried me into the marriage tent.
The Father waited outside
To recover the sheet that was upon the bed,
Then judgment He would decide.

Blood, He sought as evidence
Of my purity;
If none, eternal death for me
Was a surety.

Christ took a knife and pierced himself,
For me his blood was spent.
He gathered up his blood and then
To the Father He went.

The Father saw blood upon the sheet,
His wrath was satisfied.
Now I am called His daughter, and remain
Eternally Christ’s bride.

(reprinted from the book I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

He Whom You Obey

He whom you obey becomes your master
And you become his slave.
Your decision is quite serious.
Your decision is quite grave.

Your strength, his kingdom builds.
Your wealth, his coffers fills.
Your agreement, his goals do empower.
Your warfare, his enemies to devour.

There is but good and evil.
There is but life and death.
The choice you choose to make
Becomes your only test.

The consequences of your choice may be a blessing
Or may be a curse.
I pray you choose the better;
But you are free to choose the worse.

(Reprinted from Retrieved April 17, 2009 at 10:52pm.


Poneros, ponos, penes
Derivatives of one root.
Evil, pain, poverty
Branches of one shoot.
A sense of lack begets a sickness
That sin attempts to heal;
But deception can only be cured,
By the truth revealed.

(Reprinted from Retrieved April 17, 2009 at 10:54pm )

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Lack perceived is lack received.
It was the sin committed by Eve.
It is with faith, our God, we please
And HAVE what we say and believe.
Whether I am abased or I abound,
The Spirit of God, I have found
Dwells within me,
So I am content to simply be

A Sweet Perfume

(Meditations on Mark 14:3)

Stored upon a shelf, contained within these walls,
I sat undisturbed, untouched, safe, protected, yet unused.
You said that I was valuable, precious and most dear.
How could I know that what you spoke was true as I just lingered here?

Closed in and secure, I waited for the day
That I could be poured out and used in a special way.
I longed to share with others all that was within.
When would the day arrive? When would my work begin?

And then you took me from the shelf and broke my outer casing.
Then I spilled out, every drop. There would be no replacing.
Used this once and then no more.
Saved for this single purpose.

My love flowed, a healing balm; an odor filled the room.
It was a scent most pleasing; it was a sweet perfume.

(Reprinted from I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

All my Heart

All my heart is turned to you
And my eyes are fixed on you
And my arms take hold of you, Lord,
And my arms take hold of you.
(Reprinted from book, I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

I Build It

I give you my love as unto the Lord,
With all my heart and with all my soul.
I give you my trust,
Exposing my thoughts and my emotions.
I hold nothing back.
My heart is in your hand.
My love arises to the challenges it faces.
It fights to remain alive.
It fights to remain forever.
A memorial unto the Lord, I build it.
Stone by stone, I build it.
In the midst of battle, I build it.
In blood and tears, I build it.

(Reprinted from her book, I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

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