Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fire Dances

Fire dances in your eyes when you look at me.
Your hand touches my soul.
Your prayers cross the distance to reach me.
We melt in each other’s embrace.
Your heart moans in my presence.
Our kisses linger for days.
You seek consolation.
Not because you cannot be in her arms
But because you cannot be in mine.
Will you hold the moon and dream of the sun?

To Be Free

Born under the open sky, the prairie was my home.
As far as the eye could see, I was free to roam.
I would graze upon the grass and run with the wind in my face.
I'd cross mountains, hills and valleys. I was a symbol of majestic grace.

Sinew, muscle and bone -
My body: taught and tone.
My long silken strands of hair blowing in the wind.
How could I know that my life was about to take a spin.

Another saw in me opportunity
To bring to him prosperity:
Images of a silk road
With me as a beast to carry his load.

My gallop - to speed up his transport to the place he desired to go.
My strength was to be exploited: his wagon I would tow.
My height - to give him a greater vantage point as he rode upon my back.
So I was corralled and broken, now living in his shack.

My body may be shackled into this captivity,
But my heart and spirit will always yearn to be free.

Decaying Heart

Fear, hatred, doubt:
Fruit of a decaying heart.
A stench fills the air,
Attracting flies to come and have their fill,
There to make their home and multiply
Until all is consumed.

Old Oak Tree

One solitary old oak tree
Has stood in the clearing for more than a century.
She once was magnificent and willowy,
Standing tall and broad with a thick canopy.
She was the queen of forestry
And the prize jewel of botany.
Now, all of her leaves are but history
With her great canopy just a memory
Captured and preserved by photography.

Most of her branches, she has now shed.
So people forsake her and call her lifeless and dead.
But she still stands and has weathered many a storm.
Now she is the support of fungiform
And home to woodpecker, squirrel and bee:
Still as life-giving as a younger tree.
One day she may fall to the earth
And her wood cut up to warm a hearth
But even dead - she still has worth.

Pull Petals from a Flower

I am not going to pull petals from a flower
To determine if you love me every day or every hour.
I won't be tossed to and fro by your instability.
So show me when you've come to know your heart's locality.

Don't be shocked if I'm not moved by your discovery;
Nor be dismayed if I'm not touched when you tell me suddenly that you love me.
If you cry wolf too many times, my ears become deaf to your plea;
And I will have to just wait and see what will come to be.

Trust that has been broken has to be built again.
It cannot be grounded on words spoken in the wind.
Since the words you've given have proved they have no substance,
My reaction is reserved to only your performance.

Then over time as your words match what you do,
I can again believe that what you say is true;
And only then can I engage my heart.
So until then, you play your role and do your part

To show me who you are and how you truly feel:
That you are not a boy playing games but a man who is for real.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Experience

Some light spectrum are visible to me;
While other light spectrum, I cannot see.
Sound is audible
Or inaudible;
Even what I can hear, I can tune in and I can tune out.
My paradigms control my understanding of what is all about.
My sight is limited to my perspective,
Even my hearing is most selective;
Therefore, my experience is likewise restrictive
Or expansive.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For an Ego Ideal

Limiting space -
A belt on an ever expanding waist.
She put on a garment so her life would be changed.
Organs in their place: the course of life rearranged.
Cincture the stomach. Decrease appetite.
The form of a goddess to be her delight.
Girding her core to achieve an ego ideal.
Banded by a tightly fitted garment to increase appeal
To the opposite sex and to build her own esteem.
The discomfort worth the reward, it would seem.

Loose 2 dress sizes in 10 minutes without diet or exercise

Sunday, April 4, 2010

You Walked Willingly

I said I would follow you
And I would have fought to the death for your defense,
But you would not fight.
You simply let them take you away.
You walked willingly into pain and agony,
Willingly into death.
This was not a walk I was able to take,
So I turned aside and did not go.
In the midst of the crowd, it was said I was your friend.
But I denied even knowing you.
Not once but thrice.

I knew death as something to be feared,
An enemy to be fought.
But you walked into his grips as though he were your friend.
But then you came again with victory in your hand,
Saying, “Death where is your sting?”
Now I know
Death was not something to be feared,
Not something to be fought
But something to be entered in.
Only then was he defeated.
Only then could I live again.
Without my fear, my fight, my flight,
Death has no power over me.

So now I seek not to save my life
So that my life I gain.
I run not from my trials.
Give me no gall to ease my pain.
It is through suffering I have fellowship
And walk with you again.
( Reprinted with permission from the book, I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indeterminate Growth

My body grew until it reached some predetermined height
then stopped,
And five foot two is all I got;
For my body came with boundaries in its genetic code,
And this short stature is now my abode.
But fish grow indeterminately;
And as long as they can feed plentifully,
Their size increases limitlessly.
Reminding me
That if upon God's word I feed,
My soul will then have the seed
To cause it to much abound
Without restraints to hold it down.
Just how far my soul will grow
Depends upon how much I sow
Into this ground.
And so I've found
The one hindrance to fulfilling my fullest capacity
Is only me.
So I get out of my own way
And allow faith to have its day
To push me out on the limb,
To overflow my cup's rim,
To explore a new frontier,
To live where there can be no fear,
To go to heights I've never known,
And then to look and see how much I've grown.
Then to smile and grow even more,
Knowing I was meant to soar.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

All My Praises

(Meditations on Ps. 150)

All my praises, songs and adoration,
They don’t do you justice, Lord.
All my praises, songs and adoration,
They just don’t do you justice, Lord!

Your name is holy.
Blessed are you.
Glorified, exalted,
And all honor due.

Words cannot express your splendor
Nor extol your love.
They don’t do you justice.
They just don’t do you justice, Lord.

All my praises, songs and adoration,
They don’t do you justice, Lord.
They just don’t do you justice, Lord.

Your name is Holy, Holy, Holy!

(Reprinted with permission from the book, I Do, by Doris Trueheart)

Fix Your Eyes on Christ

Fix your eyes on Christ.
Don't put your eyes on man,
For before God you alone shall stand.

(Repeat chorus)

You alone shall stand at the judgment seat.
You alone shall stand at the Father's feet.

(Repeat chorus twice)

For before God, you alone shall stand.

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