Saturday, October 23, 2010

Draw a Line of Prayer

Draw a line of prayer about you.

Keep at bay all enemies hitherto,

Whether they be without or whether they be within,

Whether they be sin, devils or whether they be men.

Prayer is the weapon used to defend:

A call unto God, on whom you depend.

Build unto him an altar.

Call upon his name.

Take refuge in his presence.

Hide beneath his wing.

One Man

Moses sent Joshua

Into the valley to

Fight against Amalek.

While Moses, taking two

Servants, went up into

A mountaintop to pray.

As Moses lifted his

Arms toward heaven, his

Warriors all gained ground.

But as he wearied, he

Lower his arms and his

Warriors then lost ground.

His servants saw where the

Power to win was laid.

So they held Moses’

Arms high up in his stead.

A battle was fought in

A valley below but

On a mountaintop was

The victory won by

The prayers of just one man.

In Whole Armor

One pretends to have all sincerity,

But his heart is full of depravity.

The breastplate of righteousness he could not bear.

It was too heavy for him to wear.

Another seems to be a picture of piety.

And yet, his life is full of anxiety.

The helmet of salvation, he never put on.

And so, he lives his life forlorn.

A third boasts of his faith and is sure of salvation.

Yet the word of God is never his meditation.

The sword of the spirit is not in his hand.

No weapon of offense to secure his stand.

Another, the word of God he hears most diligently

And delves into it quite studiously.

And yet, his prayer closet as a witness would bear

That he was seldom or never found there.

If in one area a man is weak,

It leaves a door open for the enemy to sneak

Inside and destroy all that he has

So that nothing would prosper and nothing would last.

"Follow the Lord fully" is God's command.

Put on the whole armor that you may withstand

The wiles of the devil, his plots and his schemes,

And not be deceived by the illusions he brings.

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